6 Things Olivia Culpo, Self-Described "OG Over-Packer," Can't Travel Without

6 Things Olivia Culpo, Self-Described "OG Over-Packer," Can't Travel Without

And the one thing the beauty actually doesn't travel with.

By Bryce Gruber

Olivia Culpo, former Miss America and forever a beauty queen, does not travel light. She's the type to roll up to the airport with a truckload of bags for quick weekend jaunt — and that's a page ripped right out of Lisa Vanderpump's book! So what exactly is stuffing all those bags? Here, she tells us:

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1. So. Much. Lotion.

Forget about TSA-friendly mini bottles or even just waiting for the sample sizes hotel rooms provide.x Olivia cannot live without her own lotions and potions, and lots of them. "I'm the O.G.O.P. — the original over-packer, and bring at least six to seven bags with me when I travel. I bring all my own lotions, round brushes, and a ton of products."

Just a few suitcases 😅 See you in Paris!! #lookfwrd @fwrd

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2. Makeup, of course.

Ask her what she's stuffing in all that luggage and Olivia is proud to tell you she's a total product groupie. "Oh my god, I love makeup so much. I can't stop loving it and collecting as much Charlotte Tillbury, Dior, NARS, Tom Ford, and Colour Pop as possible." She goes as far as keeping some of her uber-essentials, like the Dior brow pencils, in her purse so there's no threat of losing them in a luggage fiasco.

"I'm extra serious about my eyebrows."

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3. Deodorant

Olivia Culpo wants the world to smell good — and she knows the responsibility starts with her. "I never travel without really cute travel candles, preferably something mood-setting like a sandalwood scent, and my carryons and checked bags are loaded with my favorite deodorant. The idea of smelling weird or bad is actually my worst fear, so I keep a little spray bottle of Degree Ultraclear in each of my bags because it also doesn't mess with all the clothes I pack. I can't risk yellow armpit stains on my T-shirts when I'm showing up to press events and shoots."

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4. White T-shirts

Speaking of those white T-shirts, yes, Olivia likes to pack a lot of those. "You simply cannot have enough versions of classic white T-shirts in your wardrobe," she says. "At least I can't."

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5. LBDs

"Can you ever get enough of LBDs in your wardrobe? Or the modern twist on that, the little black jumpsuit? I have so many, and I never know which one I'm going to want to wear, so I need options," she says. "Lots of options. Heavy, heavy suitcases full of options."

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6. Shoes

"Do you ever just think about how much space and weight shoes take up in your bags? It's such an issue for an overpacker like me," she admits. "But I need perfect accessories for the overloaded wardrobe I bring with me!"

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Believe it or not, while she brings nearly a whole department store with her each time she travels, there's some stuff she can almost never be bothered to take. "I leave shampoos, conditioners, and hair tools at home for the most part — except my round brushes," she says. "I can survive with just about any hotel hair dryer, or I'll get my hair done out, or I actually love air drying my hair — especially on vacation. Isn't that the whole point? Plus, I doubt my boyfriend would be willing to help with even one more bag just for hair stuff. He doesn't have any arms left with the stuff I take already!"

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