Here Are The Best One-Liners to Send When You Swipe Right On a Hottie

Here Are The Best One-Liners to Send When You Swipe Right On a Hottie

The hard part? Figuring out what to message them.

By Jen Glantz
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Believe it not, swiping right on somebody who makes your heart flutter and your eyes bulge for all the right reasons (as opposed to the wrong reasons: AKA a creepy mirror selfie picture of themselves) is the easy part when it comes to online dating. The hard part? Well, that’s figuring out what to message them. First impressions are everything, and your first impression, when messaging with a match on a dating app, may decide whether or not the person on the other end will give you a chance to win them over in real life.

Wondering what the most interesting and best one-liners are when you’ve found yourself a hottie on a dating app?

Here are four fun ones to use.

1. Gibberish works

You may be spending minutes, perhaps even hours, figuring out what your first message to a person should be. Don’t do that. Just send them something in gibberish, or a made-up word. Send them: umida? Patma? Or a word of your choice. The best part is, they might be so curious to know what that word means or why you sent them a weird sounding word that they will write back. 

2. Where would you want to meet IRL?

Even though online dating has basically lost its stigma of being something that only cat ladies use, it’s still something people are weird about admitting. A catchy opening question is to ask the person where they wish they could have met you in person. It’s also a great way to figure out where your first date should be, unless they say something far-fetched like Mars.

3. Icebreaker

Online dating can be overwhelming. Sometimes the best way to get someone to say hello back to you is with an icebreaker – literally. Just send one word – “Titantic” and wait for a response. They’ll most likely say, “Titantic?” back. That’s when you hit them with the mildly cheesy and adorable answer, “Sorry, that’s the biggest icebreaker I’ve got.”

4. Two truths, one lie

Instead of asking the person how their day was or what their weekend plans are, play a game with them. A great way for you to get to know each other is to play the game, “Two Truths and One Lie.” Send each other two facts about yourself and one complete lie. It’ll be a good way to squeeze personality out of the other person. 

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