Orgasmic Meditation Is The Latest Thing Everyone Is Trying, So What Does It Do?

Orgasmic Meditation Is The Latest Thing Everyone Is Trying, So What Does It Do?

Why go to Yoga when this could be the answer?

By Marni Eth

What’s good for the Goop is good for the gander! Last weekend at Gwyneth Paltrow’s branded health summit, the founder of Orgasmic Meditation (OM), Nicole Daedone, spoke on a panel about removing the pressures of orgasms in sex.

One way in which to achieve this is by tapping into OM, which is a 15-minute practice that combines the power of meditation with the raw sensation of an orgasm. Nicole also created OneTaste, which is a platform that offers classes teaching her philosophy and grows the OM community. According to their website, Khloe Kardashian said "Orgasmic meditation is the key to ultimate satisfaction.” Such a compelling consumer testimonial is definitely intriguing!

The OneTaste “Intro To Orgasmic Meditation” course costs $199 and is a day-long learning experience that provides the foundation needed to start the practice. The class includes a live demonstration with two senior practitioners engaging in OM, but the rest of the class does not partake in it. The class is only intended to teach the technique.

In addition to the physical aspects of OM, there is also a specific way to setup for the practice, called a “nest.” The “nest” is comprised of pillows, blankets and a mat arranged in a specific way to maximize comfort for the woman while she is reclined in the proper position. Those who complete the intro course are then added to a list-serve, so they can link to others in their OM community. The classes are currently offered in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin and London. For those interested who live outside those five cities, courses can also be taken online.

Personal Space chatted with the president of OneTaste, Anjuli Ayer, to get more details on the physical aspects of OM and to find out who might enjoy trying it. Ayer has practiced OM for over a year, and explained it as, “the opportunity for a stroker, someone with a finger, and a strokee, someone with a clitoris, to sit down, tap into their bodies and be able to let go.”

PS: Who is the ideal candidate to try OM?

AA: We’re split 50-50 down the middle of men and women, if you're sexually active anywhere from 20 to 65.

PS: Do men enjoy it?

AA: It’s not sexual… but you actually start to experience sensation in your body based on the what the strokee is experiencing. People sometimes don't experience that much sensation the first time. It takes time to ‘thaw out’ and actually feel. But the stroker experiences a lot of sensation once they get more in tune. It’s a practice just like meditation.

PS: Are both parties naked when practicing?

AA: The stroker is completely clothed, and the strokee is completely naked from waste down.

PS: How does it work?

AA: It’s stroking really lightly with just the tip of your index finger on the upper left-hand quadrant of the clit. Using the pressure that you would rub your eyelid, so really softly. It’s where we have the most concentration of nerve endings, so you actually don't need a lot of pressure.

PS: How is the orgasm different with the practice?

There’s a distinction between orgasm 1.0 and orgasm 2.0. Orgasm 1.0 is the traditional climax, going for the goal of climax. Orgasm 2.0 is the state that you reach when you practice OM. It’s more like a flow state. It’s a level of consciousness that you can reach, where you are completely in touch with your body.

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