Get Your Narcos Fan Fix at Pablo Escobar's Old Coke Den in Tulum, Mexico — It's Now a Luxe Hotel

Get Your Narcos Fan Fix at Pablo Escobar's Old Coke Den in Tulum, Mexico — It's Now a Luxe Hotel

What you do there is your business.

Oh, yes: Narcos season 3 is happening. And you are downright high on the news. You're fiending for a binge-watch bender, you might say.

Well, while you eagerly anticipate the September 1 release date, consider planning a trip guaranteed to get you in the mood: Pablo Escobar's Tulum, Mexico mansion is now the boutique hotel Casa Malca... and it's ready for your visit.

The hotel is owned by NYC gallery owner Lio Lamca. He told Cool Hunting he pretty much bought the hotel because he couldn't believe this stunning property which such storied history hadn't been snatched up already. When he first saw the property, it was owned by the Mexican government, which took possession after Escobar's death. Over and over again, officials said no to Lamca's attempts to purchas it. Eventually, the property went back into the hands of the previous owner — that is, the owner prior to Escobar — who then sold it to Lamca.

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Originally, he bought it for himself and wanted to use it as a vacation home, but friends were always bugging him to crash there, so he got the idea to turn it into a hotel in 2015. It started out as a nine-room hotel, and is now fully renovated with 24 rooms.

Scroll through the Casa Malca website, and you'll note that the property doesn't make a huge play to cash in on Pablo's name. The marketing language priority is to tout the property's serenity and opportunity for self discovery: "Venture to the end of the road and discover Casa Malca, a home for thinkers and dreamers who believe in the liberating powers of creativity and self-discovery. Unveil the mysterious powers of nature as celebrated centuries ago by the Mayans. Let your mind expand while time slows down." 

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Rooms at Casa Malca average about $500. The interior is colorful and impeccably curated, and the food is all based on traditional Yucatan cuisine. You'll also find a hidden underground steam room, pool, and private beach.

As well, the location is close to famous Mayan ruins and cenotes, making it the ideal place to get the full Tulum experience... with a dose of colorful, criminal history.

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