Paging 2003! Here's What MySpace Tom Is Up to These Days

Paging 2003! Here's What MySpace Tom Is Up to These Days

What have you done with the last 14 years?

By Alesandra Dubin

Let's flashback to 2003 for a moment. It was a simpler time when social media happened only on desktop, not on your rhinestoned Sidekick. And a new platform known as MySpace was emerging in the place of slow-ass Friendster, giving people the ability to make horrible, obnoxious profiles dripping with animation and auto-playing music.

It was also a place where you could proudly display your "top eight" friends, and those people mattered. And always, among your friends, was a familiar dude called Tom, smiling away at you from his off-center low-res pic. Tom, everyone's first friend on MySpace, is actually Tom Anderson, who is among the platform's founders. He's 46 now, and if you remember all of this — you've probably got a few candles on your cake too, my friends.

Anyway, since Tom has faded from that height of his pixelated glory, he has moved on to much higher resolution and dazzling horizons. Specifically, Tom is now a seriously talented travel photographer, as Travel + Leisure has noted.

And his work — on that other social platform, Instagram — is kind of blowing us away right now. Behold:

Beautiful spot on Kauai - when the ocean is calmer people swim in the natural baths that form here.

A post shared by Tom Anderson (@myspacetom) on

Follow him at (what else?) @myspacetom.

And now you know!

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