PICS: There’s Now a Cats-and-Boobs Fetish Photo Book Because Nothing is Sacred

PICS: There’s Now a Cats-and-Boobs Fetish Photo Book Because Nothing is Sacred

File this under: Things the world doesn’t need.

By Kristyn Pomranz

On the internet, there is a little something called Rule 34. For the uninitiated, Rule 34 is (according to Urban Dictionary) a “generally accepted internet rule that states that pornography or sexually related material exists for any conceivable subject.”

So perhaps we should not be so surprised or upset to learn about the existence of a new Japanese book called Painyan, a 100-page photo collection that is exclusively cats posing near women’s half-covered breasts. (“Painyan” is a portmanteau of “Oppai” [breasts] and “Nyan” [meow].) And for just 1,404 Yen ($12.65) on Amazon, it could be yours!

The book features photos by photographer Aoyama Yuki, a documented cat lover and presumed boob-lover. And despite the questionable nature of the content, the photographer asserts that the photos are actually authentic experiences between cats and their owners (albethose experiences in lingerie.)

The book has a tagline: “Men can forget themselves if there is an Oppai [set of breasts] in front of him, but cats stay calm.” And the product description on Amazon reads (in translation), “All pages, photographs of cats that are plagued by boobs.”

But the author himself doesn’t see Painyan as a fetish book—in fact, he sees the photo series as transcendental, claiming that the pictures are “the ultimate therapeutic experience guaranteed to soothe your spirit.” Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?

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