Paris Hilton Shares Pic of Her Dogs’ Mansion and It Explodes into a Political Debate

Paris Hilton Shares Pic of Her Dogs’ Mansion and It Explodes into a Political Debate

Among the feedback, people asked, “Why not help the dogs that have nothing?” 

By Kristyn Pomranz

Remember Paris Hilton? She’s an heiress and socialite who had a brief spurt of fame after starring in some reality shows in the mid-aughts? Well, she still exists and she still loves pink and she’s still saying “Loves it,” but now she’s making lots of people angry.

The hotel heiress took to Twitter to share some photos of a mansion she had built for her dogs. “My dogs live in this two-story doggy mansion that has air conditioning, heating, designer furniture, and a chandelier. Loves it.”

While no one should be exactly shook that Paris is spending her endless cash flow on superfluous items, the tweet did send the internet into a tizzy, calling for her to use her money more responsibly and to consider dogs’ actual needs.

With so much animal crisis in America—not to mention humanitarian crises here and overseas—this exorbinant display of wealth didn't sit well with social media. Paris is obviously not the first rich person to spend her money in ridiculous ways (you may recall The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' infamous "$25,000 sunglasses?!" episode), but we do wholeheartedly agree with the criticism of having your dogs in a totally different house—why would anyone want to not share their home with their four-legged friend?!

And, of course, it all devolved into attacking Paris' Republican leanings, because why would a tweet about a dog mansion not turn into a political debate?!

Aaaaaanyway, we have no dog in this fight (pun sort of intended), so here's a picture of Paris' pups to make up for an otherwise depressing post.

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