Pass the Syrup! These Are the 8 Best Waffle Irons on the Market

Pass the Syrup! These Are the 8 Best Waffle Irons on the Market

Because “homemade breakfast” shouldn’t just mean cold cereal or a bagel.

By Mitra Sorrells

I was at brunch with my girlfriends the other day when one of them looked at the menu and squealed, “They have Belgian waffles! So decadent! That’s what I’m getting.” When I shared that I had made waffles at home just the day before, they looked at me incredulously, as if the thought of making a Belgian waffle at home seemed like the kind of thing only a professional chef would dare try.

Believe me, I’m nowhere close to a professional chef and even I found that making waffles at home was incredibly easy, and the results were delicious! It all comes down to having a good waffle iron. Once you’ve got one of these tools at home, you can be enjoying the fresh-baked goodness of a warm waffle in a matter of minutes. All it takes is mixing up a few simple ingredients including flour, eggs, and sugar — or take a shortcut with store-bought waffle mix that only requires the addition of eggs and oil. If you’ll be regularly making waffles for a crowd, consider one of the irons that makes multiple waffles at once. And if you prefer the thicker “Belgian” style of waffle, be sure to get one that is made for that.

And remember — waffles aren’t just for breakfast anymore. (Chicken and waffles anyone?!) So grab one of these easy-to-use waffle irons, and get ready to live decadently!


1. Kalorik Rotary Waffle Maker with Detachable Plates


This single-waffle maker has a really handy “lift and twist” mechanism so you can flip your waffle for even baking. Lesson learned: do not pour too much batter or you’ll be wiping it off your counter. The non-stick top and bottom plates are removable, which makes them really easy to clean. (You can even run them through the dishwasher!) There’s no browning control, but I found my waffles were perfect after about four to five minutes.


2. CucinaPro Bubble Waffle Maker



Waffle connoisseurs will be familiar with one of Hong Kong’s most beloved street snacks, the “bubble waffle” or “egg waffle” — and now they can be made at home! The unique shape of the iron creates waffles that are crispy outside and tender inside each delicious spherical mound. Eat them plain as a pull-apart snack — or top them with fruit, chocolate, or ice cream. This Bubble Waffle Maker has non-stick plates and comes in white or black.


3. Cuisinart Breakfast Express Belgian Waffle & Omelet Maker



If multi-tasking is your thing, you’ll love this combo unit from Cuisinart that lets you whip up an omelet and a Belgian waffle at the same time! Just load ingredients on one side, close, flip, and load ingredients on the other side. Each side has its own temperature control knob with six settings. And the unit can also be used to make pancakes, grilled sandwiches, fried eggs, and more.


4. Hamilton Beach Belgian-Style Waffle Maker



Here’s a really affordable, compact unit. A preheat light indicates when it’s ready to use and in a matter of minutes (about seven for me) you’ll have a warm, fluffy waffle ready to eat. A great feature for apartment dwellers—this one is the smallest of on the list and can be stored upright to tuck into a pantry or cabinet.


5. George Foreman Evolve Grill with Waffle Plates and Ceramic Grill Plates



If you don’t like the thought of multiple appliances cluttering up your kitchen, consider this 2-in-1 option that has you covered from breakfast through dinner. Insert the waffle plates to make big, beautiful waffles, then pop in the ceramic grill plates to press a panini for lunch and cook a burger for dinner. The grill has a digital control panel that shows the cooking time and temperature, which starts at 300 degrees and reaches up to 500 degrees for searing.


6. Chef’sChoice International Classic WafflePro



I was amazed at how fast this produces four waffles that are crisp on the outside and moist on the inside — just about three minutes! And rather than just using a temperature dial that may require some trial-and-error, this model from Chef’sChoice also has a taste and texture selection button: “fast bake” for the crisp-moist combo (my preference), or “slow bake” for crunchier waffles throughout (my husband’s choice). I also like that it beeps when my waffle is ready, so I don’t  have to stand over it staring at the light. The built-in cord storage is also a nice feature.


7. Kalorik Double Belgian Waffle Maker



Make two fluffy Belgian waffles at a time with this unit from Kalorik. A dial on the top lets you adjust the temperature from 350 to 430 degrees so you can make your waffle as soft or a crisp as you like. And the non-stick plates make cleanup a breeze.


8. Krups 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker



Invite your friends over and make four waffles at time with this unit from Krups. And if you’re busy chatting while the waffles cook, no worries because it will beep when your waffles are ready! A knob on the front allows you to choose from five browning settings. And the waffle plates are removable so you can just pop them in the dishwasher for easy clean-up.


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