Fill Up That Spaghetti Bowl: Here's Why Eating Pasta Is Actually Good For You, Study Says

Fill Up That Spaghetti Bowl: Here's Why Eating Pasta Is Actually Good For You, Study Says

And not just before your triathlon.

By Zlata Faerman

Congratulations to all the pasta addicts out there, ourselves included: We're about to make your entire day. Actually, your entire life.

New research shows that people who eat pasta have an overall better diet quality compared to those who don't eat pasta. So when you're low on time and need to make a quick dinner, don't feel bad about boiling up some water and throwing in some carb-tastic penne. Actually, feel really good about it. (You can also feel good about pairing it with a glass of wine.)

What does this "better diet quality" mean exactly? It means pasta eaters are getting more amounts of vitamins and minerals that the body doesn't produce on its own, like folate, iron, magnesium and dietary fiber. The study's findings, which were revealed at The Obesity Society's annual meeting in New Orleans (and, full disclosure, were sponsored by the National Pasta Association), also show a lower daily intake of saturated fat and added sugar among pasta eaters when compared to those who don't eat pasta. The low-sodium and cholesterol-free food can also serve as a vessel for the intake of additional vegetables, meats and poultry, fish and even fruits.

Ready to rekindle your relationship with one of the best food inventions in the history of the world? Add some all-around awesome pasta recipes to this week's dinner plans, from this deliciously meaty Cavatelli with Pork Ragu and greens-packed Chicken and Swiss Chard Pasta Bake, to this Spicy Fish and Olive Spaghetti and a fresh and tangy pasta salad Lemon Poppyseed Pasta Salad.

Buon appetito!

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