OMG: Patrick Stewart is Fostering a Pit Bull (And, Unrelated, He Has a Doggelganger)

OMG: Patrick Stewart is Fostering a Pit Bull (And, Unrelated, He Has a Doggelganger)

So much Patrick Stewart dog news today!

By Kristyn Pomranz

Good morning! We are hopped up on Patrick Stewart-related dog news this morning. First, there is this sweet doggo who’s making the rounds on Twitter because he looks exactly like Patrick Stewart. We dare you to defy the doppelgangerdom:

Pretty Picard-y, right? Well here’s the even better news: He’s up for adoption through Friends of Homeless Animals in Northern Virginia. (He’s a 1-year-old bull terrier named Blanco, but nothing is stopping you from calling him Patrick Stewart as, y’know, a nickname.)

And somehow in totally unrelated (yet completely related) news, the real Patrick Stewart is now fostering a pit bull (whom he appropriately calls a "Pibble"—the cutesied-up nickname meant to relieve pit bulls of their stigma) named Ginger through ASPCA and Wags and Walks, a dog rescue in Los Angeles. As if we weren’t already in love with Patrick Stewart, he went ahead and shared two unbelievably sweet videos.

Waiting at the door as he meets Ginger for the first time:

And “the swimming lesson that wasn’t,” a.k.a. Ginger just licking his head over and over.

A million kudos to Patrick Stewart for generously opening his home to a foster pit bull, and lots of love to his doggelganger Blanco whom we hope finds a forever home very soon!

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