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Matchmaking For Mom-Friends Now Exists — And Cameran Eubanks Is a Fan

Peanut is an app that connects likeminded mamas.

By Marni Eth

Like many first-time moms, when Michelle Kennedy, CEO/ Founder of Peanut, gave birth, she realized that she had no friends who were in the same phase in life as she was. She was suddenly transformed from “working a million miles an hour” to wham, “at home, on my own, with a little person, and no one to turn to for advice and support.” She explained that when she did meet her girlfriends, she felt disconnected. They were talking about the date they went on the night before, and she was thinking about breast-pumping. That’s when Michelle understood the need for a “cool, slick product which related to motherhood” and starting developing the idea for Peanut.   

Peanut is a matching app for moms, that connects like-minded women who share common interests and locations. Peanut empowers women and provides a network at a time they would otherwise be struggling to find one. The app has a similar feel to other matchmaking dating services, giving the moms who missed the internet dating era a fun way to use their smart phone for their social benefit.

When a mom first downloads the app, it calls for customized information about your child (age/gender). Next you select the kind of mom you are from thirty options, some of which include: hot mess, sleep deprived, spiritual gangster, mama of multiples, etc. Once your options are chosen, you get matched with other moms in your area and can start swiping and waving. The chat options make it super easy to start convos with one or many simultaneously, and you can even plan hangouts that synch to your phone calendar.

Turns out, Cameran Eubanks is also a fan of this app, sharing on her Instagram: "It's basically Mom Tinder — it's amazing!"

Personal Space caught up with Michelle to discover how she juggles work and motherhood, as well as what music is on her playlist at the moment! 

Personal Space: How do you maintain a work-life balance?

Michelle Kennedy: I find this one tough. I just don’t think balance exists. What I think we do is juggle. We’re constantly juggling. Juggling our roles as mother, as partner, friend, sister, daughter, employee, boss. I think when I thought there was a balance, I immediately felt like I was failing — where was my balance? I didn’t have one. I do however make sure that whenever I can, I get home to put Fin to bed. On a weekend, if I am with Fin, I am with him. The phone goes away (better to work at night than to miss out on time with him).

PS: Peanut’s category breakdowns are awesome — which is the most popular among mamas/users? 

MK: This never fails to make me smile: But First Food, Wine Time, Powered by Caffeine. (See a theme? We like to eat, drink, and coffee!)

 PS: Peanut is available in the U.S., U.K., and Canada- Any plans to expand beyond?  

MK: We have a lot of demand for Peanut globally. I really want to focus on our U.S. market before we answer those requests, but we’re coming! Soon!

PS: What differentiates Peanut from other matching Apps? 

MK: Peanut is a community for women who happen to be mamas. We want to focus on that experience as a mama and really bolster and support you. Build a strong community. We also use tech to make that possible, using algorithms and machine learning to make sure that every woman’s experience is different, because, well, every woman is different!

PS: What books are you reading now? 

MK: Two on the go at the moment: 1. Radical Candor (a friend just recommended it to me, and it’s amazing), and 2. The Girls (so, so amazing, you must read it now!)

PS: What music do you play to pump you up for your work day? 

MK: Finlay and I are currently fighting over the playlist — my choice, “Freedom” by Beyonce, his choice — Maroon 5 “What Lovers do” (which he does sing beautifully!)

You can download the Peanut App for free here!

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