People Are Eating Oranges in the Shower and We Don’t Know How to Feel About It

People Are Eating Oranges in the Shower and We Don’t Know How to Feel About It

Apparently #showerorange is a thing now?

By Drew DiSabatino

Drinking beer in the shower? Sure, we’re on board with that. In fact we’d even advocate for it: It’s practical, it’s relaxing, and you can buy beer specifically suited for doing it.

But eating an orange in the shower? We just don’t even know what to say about that. It raises so many questions. Why an orange? What do you do with the peel? Why an orange? Do you spit seeds down the drain? Why an orange? Hot shower or cold? Seriously, why an orange?

If, like us, you’re confused about what this is all about, here’s the scoop:

Munchies recently shared a story about an online community of anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand individuals whose common interest is eating oranges in showers. Like many Internet phenomena, this group of pro-citrus shower-ers was born on Reddit. The trend started after a user in an old AskReddit thread recalled a strange anecdote about a camp counselor who once advised him that eating an orange in the shower was an enormously satisfying, and enjoyable, endeavor. (No word on how the camp counselor came upon this kind of creepy-sounding realization.)

Users who read this comment were intrigued, one thing led to another, and the Shower Orange subreddit was created—a place where men and women from all over could come together and share their love for, and anecdotes about, eating oranges in the shower without persecution.

Now having read that, there are probably still a few things you want clarified:

1. No, this is apparently not a sexual thing. As Munchies points out, “no nudity” is in fact the first rule of sharing your photos on r/ShowerOrange.

2. Yes, tangerines count. No, grapefruits do not.

3. No, we still don’t really understand what this is or what it’s about. If you try it, please get back to us with your scientific findings.

In the meantime, we suggest #showerorange enthusiasts take a page out of the Kramer playbook and think about installing a garbage disposal in the shower for easier cleanup.

Happy peeling.

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