People Posting Intimate Moments On Social Media Triggers a Dopamine Response

People Posting Intimate Moments On Social Media Triggers a Dopamine Response

So that's why there's an overload of private pictures. 

By Delaina Dixon

Nowadays, people are doing it everywhere— in elevators, on the bus, even in the delivery room. That’s exactly where DJ Khaled did it. The 40-year-old hip-hop producer pulled out his cell phone and live recorded the birth of his son. (You knew we were talking social media, right?)

On Oct. 23, while his fiancée Nicole Tuck was going through labor to deliver their new baby boy Asahd Tuck Khaled, daddy Khaled shared the entire grueling process on Snapchat. Songs from Khaled’s album “Major Key” played in the background as Nicole grunted, pushed and finally gave birth to their new bundle of joy, shared in numerous clips throughout the delivery.

No one should be surprised by Khaled’s actions. He announced on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he had every intention of live filming the birth, as long as he got word that “it’s running smooth where I can just do my thing, I’mma Snapchat the whole thing.”

“He loves Snapchat, so I’m not surprised by his actions. I think with him, he’ so into it, he doesn’t know how to be any other way,” declares Peg Samuel, social media expert and founder of Social Diva Media. “In its truest form, social media is designed to connect people and communities. DJ Khaled lives his life through social media, so this is chosen lens to experience birth.”

Peg explains that posting intimate or traumatic moments of one’s life online, and getting a response, can trigger a dopamine response, which affects our senses of pleasure and pain.

“It’s authentic personal media sharing,” says Peg. “Some celebs really ‘model’ their life, making sure there’s lighting and perfect angles, but birthing is probably as authentic as it gets.”

Celebrities with millions of followers can easily watch them sharing random moments, sometimes up to three or four times an hour.

Of course, Snapchatting your way through life does have a downside.

“Something to consider… does filming and posting take away from being present in the birthing activities, the specialness of being there in the moment,” Peg theorizes. “There’s something to be said for putting the phone down and experiencing what’s happening.”

But she also adds that it’s gotten to the point where very little is off-limits on social media, barring it breaking the law.

“Everything is fair game. The audience so transparent, but you have to think what type of audience are you with,” Peg shares. “I always say, ‘what would you show at a cocktail party with all your friends in the room. What would be appropriate and inappropriate?’”

Maybe your friends don’t want to see your kid’s placenta during appetizers.

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