"Pepper X" Is Now the Hottest in the World — But Can Anyone Actually Survive Tasting It?

"Pepper X" Is Now the Hottest in the World — But Can Anyone Actually Survive Tasting It?

With a Scoville rating of over 3 million, this is one hot tamale. 

By Drew DiSabatino

We're not here to kill anyone's good vibes. But why was there a need on this earth for a pepper spicier than the way-too-spicy varieties that already existed? Why would anyone spend more than decade working to create a totally new and lethally spicy pepper? And then of course, why would anyone want to purchase hot sauce made from a pepper that seems like it would be better-suited for stripping varnish off of jet skis?

We don’t know the answers to any of these questions. But it’s too late for answers, because the pepper is already here.

Feast your eyes on Pepper X, the presumed soon-to-be Guinness World Record holder for the hottest pepper in the world. According to the Daily Mail, Pepper X was developed by Smokin’ Ed Currie, the founder of Puckerbutt Pepper Company, and weighs in with a whopping 3.18 million Scoville heat units. For reference, the current world record pepper, the Carolina Reaper, only boasted around 1.5 million Scoville units.

Scoville units, for the uninitiatated, measure the levels of capsaicin in a pepper by diluting the pepper with water until the spiciness is eliminated. The more water it takes to eliminate the spice from a pepper, the higher the number of Scoville units.

The bell pepper sits at one end of the scale with a measurement of 0 Scoville units, while a Poblano comes in at around 1,000 to 2,000 units, and the significantly spicier Orange Habanero measures 150,00 to 325,000. The Ghost pepper, which you’ve probably heard, is one spicy SOB, has 1,041,427 Scoville heat units.

And Pepper X is more than 3 million which, if our math is correct, makes it three times as spicy as a Ghost Pepper.

Holy heat, Batman.

So what can you do with a pepper that hot? Put a teeny tiny tiny dab of it into a wicked-hot hot sauce. Puckerbutt Pepper Company created the Last Dab hot sauce, a concoction that combines traces of Pepper X with distilled vinegar, ginger root, tumeric, coriander, cumin, and dry mustard.

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Just look at how the taste is described: "More than simple mouth burn, Pepper X singes your soul. Starting with a pleasant burn in the mouth, the heat passes quickly, lulling you into a false confidence."

They already lost us at "singes your soul," frankly. But it continues:

"You take another bite, enjoying the mustard and spice flavors. This would be great on jerk chicken, or Indian food! But then, WHAM! All of a sudden your skin goes cold and your stomach goes hot, and you realize the power of X."

If you're a sadist and want to try the Last Dab for yourself, you're currently out of luck: The first 1,000 bottles of the sauce sold out in just two minutes, but you can put in your pre-order for the next shipment of hot sauce.

And if you don't want to wait that long? You could always turn on your stove and just touch your tongue to it.

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