It's Not You...It's The Dog - Pet Deal Breakers That Send Dates Running For The Hills

It's Not You...It's The Dog - Pet Deal Breakers That Send Dates Running For The Hills

What kind of monster doesn't love a pet?

By Marianne Garvey

Our furry little friends can actually affect our relationships negatively says a new survey.

How is this even possible, you ask?

Well Fido or Fluffy could swing a relationship out of your favor, says those surveyed. Woodstream surveyed over 1,000 Americans to explore how pets play a role in our dating and love lives. Out of the people surveyed, 71 percent were dog owners and just over 50 percent owned cats.

Some findings:

“Creepy animals (like spiders) ranked #1, followed by noisy critters on the deal breaker list,” says the report.

One in four men said their partner talks too much about a pet. Sorry. Jeez.

Like making out with your pet? Twenty six percent of women hate it when their partner kisses a pet on the mouth, compared to 20 percent of men.

Forty nine percent of respondents found a shelter rescue sexier than buying a purebred animal.

No matter the study, cats and dogs were, by far, the most popular companions, providing stress relief, unconditional love, and devotion.

Fish earned third in popularity at 10 percent – they are easier to care for, after all – followed by birds and rabbits. Half of men and 58 percent of women found snakes creepy.

“Inviting a pet into your life is so common that 12 percent of participants said they didn’t have a pet but wished they did,” says the report.

Twenty one percent of men admitted to using their pet to hit on someone or grab someone’s attention. Only eight percent of women, however, did the same.

Thirty-three percent of women refused to let a cat watch sex happening, and 39 percent refused to let a dog watch. Men didn’t mind as much – only 20 percent were uncomfortable with cats watching and 22 percent with dogs.

How many dogs are too many dogs? None. Kidding, responders said three’s a crowd. Three cats were too many, too.

Women found dressing pets, talking to pets like children, or even creating blogs or Instagram accounts for their pets more cute than men did. Again, sorry. #TikiandMeepers forever! Thirty percent of men found dressing up pets creepy, and 54 percent found blogging from a pet’s perspective also disturbing. Whatever, I’m married. He can deal with it.

Among the people who ended a relationship because of a pet, the top reason was that the animal was creepy. Maybe you’re the creep, ever consider that?

Forty-five percent of participants blamed the dog for ending a past relationship, while 32 percent blamed misbehaving cats. Meow.

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