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The Daily Dish Back to School

Pinterest Says These Are the 11 Dorm-Decor Trends We Need to Know About

Be the girl with the cute, clutter-free space that all her friends are jealous of.

By Angela Law

The first step to excelling in your studies, is to make sure you have a comfortable, calming...and super chic study environment.

We’re not here to tell you what basics to get. Pillows? Duh. Shower caddy? We’re sure you got it. What we do have is a list of hot-ticket items that will make your microscopic space feel more effortless and less cluttered. Chunky blankets, string lights...Pinterest just released a list of the hottest back-to-school trends and here are our selects based on that report.

Marquee Sign

Communication is key when it comes to happy cohabitation in tiny spaces. So, you’ll need a fun place to leave quick notes to your roomie. Remember: nice notes. Have you seen the size of this place? There is no room for passive aggression here! If you are lucky enough to score your own room, use this board for daily affirmations. A little cheesy? Yes. But, admit it, also kind of nice to wake up to posivibes.

BUY FROM: Target, $17.99

Removable Wallpaper

On our list of most drab, depressing things to stare at: a white wall. You have so little personal space! Every inch of it should feel personal and be as glamorous as you are. An easy solution? Removable wallpaper. You can instantly transform your space into everything from a tropical oasis to pretty pretty princess room. You can even have both. This stuff is so easy to peel off and apply that you can switch up your decor every semester if you’d like.

BUY FROM: Urban Outfitters, $3

String Lights

One of the key ingredients for ambiance is mood lighting. Flamingos, red hot peppers...string lights these days come in all shapes and forms. If you don’t want anything too kitschy, go for a simple, elegant string of warm-white bistro lights.

BUY FROM: Target, $18.99

Neon Signs

Feeling creative? Name Glo will make you a custom neon or LED sign with whatever image or word(s) you want! But, if you’re just looking for something simple to cheer up the room, this cactus will also do.

BUY FROM: Amazon, $59.90

Macrame Wall Hangings

Nothing cozies up a room like a wall tapestry. You can also use it as a headboard for your standard-issue bed.

BUY NOW: World Market, On sale now for $63.99

Room Divider

Drawing a line down the center of the room is not the way to make friends. But, we do understand that it’d be nice to have a little something to distinguish your space from her space. May we recommend a functional room divider instead?

BUY NOW: World Market, On sale now for $199.99

Hanging Decor

Knick knacks are great ways to personalize a space but since you probably don’t have a lot of surface area to play with, you might want to try something hanging! We particularly like this cluster of terrariums.

BUY NOW: World Market, $26.97

A Low-Maintenance Houseplant

Well, now that you have the terrariums, you need something to put in them. Plants are great mood enhancers and air cleaners. And, air plants in particular are pretty easy to take care of. All you need to do is remember soak them in water once a week. Really, if you can’t handle that, you do not deserve a plant!

BUY NOW: Amazon, $15.95

Drawer Organizers

Do you really need a whole, separate compartment for paper clips? Who even uses paper clips anymore? If you have ever looked at one of those big 20-section drawer organizers and wondered, "Exactly what am I supposed to put in all those compartments?" these little modular guys are for you! Buy only the number of pieces in the sizes you need.

BUY NOW: Container Store, $14.99

Chunky Knit Blanket

Trust us, you’ll wish you had this when midterms rolls around and all you want is a big hug.

BUY NOW: Amazon, $116.99

DIY Starbucks

Coffee? If your answer to that question is always a resounding “YES!”, then it’s worth it to splurge on a proper coffee bar. Plus, nothing calm nerves like the process of making a good cup of pour over coffee. You may call this bundle a splurge. But we call it art and undeniable proof of how fancypants you are.

BUY NOW: La Colombe, $150

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