Pit Bulls Are Perfect As-Is, But These 15 Amazing Pit Bull Mixes Are Somehow Even More Perfect?

Pit Bulls Are Perfect As-Is, But These 15 Amazing Pit Bull Mixes Are Somehow Even More Perfect?

Occasionally there is a way to improve upon perfection.

By Matt Russoniello

We love designer breeds because we love all cute dogs, but did you know that only difference between trendy mixes and the adorable mutts waiting at your local shelter for a loving forever home is clever marketing? Thanks for nothing, Don Draper! As always: #AdoptDontShop.

Everybody on this planet loves three things: Ray Romano, new Vanderpump Rules reunion specials, and pit bulls. (Also: Pitbull. #Dale.) I feel comfortable venturing a guess that most people love pit bulls most of all, even more than, say, the implausible but not-technically-impossible idea of Ray Romano hosting a Vanderpump Rules reunion special. Pit bulls are that beloved, because they are that perfect. And why mess with perfection?

That’s how we used to think, but now, dear readers, we are hashtag woke! After falling into the mind-bending wormhole of strange pit bull cross-breeds, we’ve come to realize that it is possible to make the already-perfect even more perfecter. What’s better than a pit bull? Nothing! Except for a pit bull crossed with a Husky. Yeah, we said it! Don’t like that? Try this on for size: a pit bull / dachshund mix called a DoxieBull! You woke yet?

You already know you like strange and adorable dog mixes, so don’t fight what’s coming. Find your new pit bull obsession below.

Pit Bull + Chihuahua (Pithuahua)

Pit Bull + French Bulldog (French Bullypit)

Pit Bull + Staffordshire Terrier (Staffybull)

Happy girl! #tot #tongueouttuesday #funinthesun #happy #spring #sunshine #tonguesouttuesday

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Pit Bull + Labrador Retreiver (Pitador)

Pit Bull + Golden Retriever (Golden Bull)

Pit Bull + Pointer (Pointer Bull)

Charlie the 3 year old mutt! Find someone who looks at you the way Charlie looks at this dandelion!

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Pit Bull + Doberman Pinscher (Dober Pit)

Ladies love bow ties. 😎 #swag #modelmaterial

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Pit Bull + Husky (Pitsky)

Did you just say Taco Tuesday? 🌮😋

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Pit Bull + Beagle (Beagle Bull)

Pit Bull + Great Dane (Great Danebull)

Pit Bull + Boxer (Pit Boxer)

Pit Bull + Pug (Pugabull)

Pit Bull + Shar Pei (Sharpull)

My little 🎃💕 #sharpei #pitbull #sharpull #sharpullsofinstagram

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Pit Bull + Dachshund (DoxiePit)

Pit Bull + Chow Chow (PitChow)

And as a reward for those of you who stuck with us all the way to the bottom of the article: special bonus mystery mix! Milo the Mystery Pibble is part pit bull, part question mark, and all pure pupper magic.

More than one person called him a little werewolf today 🐺#bathday #freshfluffs

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