Pizza Camp for Adults Is a Thing Now, and Here's Where to Find It

Pizza Camp for Adults Is a Thing Now, and Here's Where to Find It

All-you-can-eat pizza is our kind of weekend.

By Aly Walansky

Whether you loved or hated summer camp as a kid, chances are you didn't spend it eating pizza 24/7. That's what adulthood is for. Because now there’s now a pizza-centric overnight camp called, fittingly, Pizza Camp. It's a summer camp for adults whose idea of a good time is (like ours) two straight days of cheese melted atop carbs.

Pizza Camp 2016 commences September 16 at Baker Near-Wilderness Settlement in Maple Plain, MN and is hosted by the Minneapolis Pizza Club and Grown-Up Club. It includes an all-you-can-eat pizza bar, beer, and musical entertainment by The Time Life Pizza Collection, a duo that has more than 100 pizza –themed cover songs in its repertoire. Since it is camp, after all, there’ll also be traditional time-honored activities like a campfire, hiking and canoeing available. Just to break up the pizza-eating for a bit, before you go back to all the pizza-eating.

If pizza isn’t your thing, but adult camp is, there are other options you may want to look into. Club Getaway in Kent, CT, includes weekend-long fun in a cabin, with meals, wine and activities. There's also Camp No Counselors, or Camp Grounded. Keep in mind, those camps don't serve all-you-can-eat pizza. But here's hoping the idea spawns pizza camps in every state, all year long, forever.

(Via Munchies)

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