Police Officer Adopts Kitten He Rescued, Gets Bombarded With Marriage Proposals

Police Officer Adopts Kitten He Rescued, Gets Bombarded With Marriage Proposals

Hard to tell who's cuter, the cop or the kitten.

By Marianne Garvey

Police officer Cody Garrett of Spartanburg, South Carolina, posted the cutest picture ever and now women are dying to marry him. 

The 28-year-old mustachioed dreamboat has been proposed to numerous times since saving a tiny kitten and posting a picture of her resting on his shoulder to Instagram.

Squirt fast asleep in her daddy pouch #cute #kittensofinstagram #kittycat #catstagram #kitty #cats #animals

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And not only did Officer Garrett save the kitten, he adopted her and named her Squirt. He and another officer had found her in a dumpster

“It was raining outside pretty bad,” Garrett told BarkPost, adding, “we probably saved her life.” 

There was a flash flood afterwards that she likely wouldn’t have survived. 

“She’s the smallest kitten I’ve ever seen,” he said.

Cody brought her home to join his female cat named Toothless, who he found in his yard, and two rescue dogs, including one with one eye.

“They lick her and treat her as one of their own,” he said.

With all his animal love, the proposals are understandable, and Cody’s longtime girlfriend isn’t worried.

“She knows I love her,” he said.

He said he hopes his story will shed some light on cops and their tough job.

“Police officers aren’t the enemy,” he said. “We have families, we like rescuing animals and playing video games. We’re not just out doing the crazy stuff people see on the news.”

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