Politeness Will Save You Money at This French Cafe

Politeness Will Save You Money at This French Cafe

Plus, it's a lot safer—trust us—when your server doesn't hate you.

By Salma Abdelnour

Giving bigger tips for friendly service is one thing, but what if the staff actually tipped you back for being polite?

That's essentially the policy at one intriguing French cafe, where the menu lists lower prices for coffee if you order it with a "bonjour" or a "s'il vous plaît." You'll pay 1.5 euros for a coffee, but only 1 euro if you say "Bonjour, un cafe s'il vous plaît." (It's 1.3 euros if you forget the "bonjour" part.) And since saying "hello" and "please" to the waitstaff is free, why wouldn't you do it to save a few coins? It makes everyone feel good, or at any rate it takes no effort. Genius idea.

But here's the thing: It's unclear whether this cafe actually exists. This menu image is getting lots of attention, but there's no word about which cafe the photo was allegedly shot in.

Even if the cafe turns out to be fictional, the concept certainly deserves to get some traction. We expect to start seeing politeness discounts on menus any second now. And we definitely like that idea way more than the penalty for complaining.


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