10 Popular Places Around the World Where You Can't Use Your Damn Selfie Stick

10 Popular Places Around the World Where You Can't Use Your Damn Selfie Stick

No matter how cute you look.

Your breezy traveling wardrobe looks effortless and impeccable. You're in one of the world's most desired destinations for wanderlusters. You need to share this with your Instagram followers in the form of a perfect selfie. But not so fast, friend, Here are 10 places around the world that have outright banned the use of the controversial gadget.

1. Milan, Italy

Milan has just announced this ban — along with a ban on cans, food trucks, and glass bottles. The selfie-stick ban is meant to crack down on anti-social behavior, according to The Local. This isn't the first law Milan has drummed up with positive social interactions in mind: It's illegal for locals frown there, according to Vogue Italy

2. Disney Parks

Disney got rid of selfie sticks after reporting to the BBC that, "Handheld extension poles have become a growing safety concern for both our guests and cast." They are banned in Disneyland and Disney World in all location, including Paris and Hong Kong. Officials also note that someone could take one on a ride and cause a serious injury.

3. Vatican City

Off to see the Pope? Cool, but he doesn't want to see your selfie stick. You'll have to keep it old school here. They say it's for security reasons, and it's on no-go list right next to ammunition and explosives. Tip: You can't bring big bags into the Vatican either and there are no lockers there. So if you're traveling with luggage (in the case you haven't gotten a hotel or have already checked out, for instance) you need to leave your stuff in a locker at the train station. 

4. Colosseum and the Palace of Versailles

It's rumored the Colesseum ban came after two tourists carved their names into the walls then took a photo using their selfie stick. The Palace of Versailles in Paris also added a ban for safety. 

5. Van Gogh Museum (and other famous institutions)

Many museums are instituting bans for the protection of the works inside. Recently, at 14th Factory in Los Angeles, a woman knocked over a domino-type art installation while taking a selfie... causing $200,000 worth of damage. They are also banned at the National Gallery in London and the Forbidden City in Beijing aka the Palace Museum.

6. Lollapalooza and Coachella

Lollapalooza was the first major music festival to take a stance on the selfie stick: They must stay out just like the illegal drugs. Coachella soon followed suit. According to Rolling Stone, the reason is partly that selfie sticks are just plain annoying — but mainly so people couldn't hold them up and illegally film performances. On the Coachella FAQ page, organizers actually ban "selfie sticks/narcissists." (Good luck!)

7. South Korea (all of it)

According to CN Traveler, the country's ban is due to the Bluetooth technology the device employs. Apparently, they could be used to access others' secret data because bootlegged versions of the devices flood the market, and they can't effectively be regulated.

8. Pamplona, Spain

Due to safety concerns, Spain takes very seriously its ban on all photography and photography equipment at the running of the bulls in Pamplona. Consider this: One guy took a selfie that went viral, and he was fined 4,000 euros shortly after.

9. Mecca

When devout Muslims make their pilgrimage to Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, naturally they'd want to document it. Needless to say, religious leaders were far from impressed by the practice, however, and cracked down on it.

10. La Garoupe in Southern France

One of the most pristine beaches in France, and a place frequented by the rich and famous, put up a "no bagging zone." Officials said it's because they don't want to make people back home jealous (wink, nod) but we can also image the rich and famous don't want tourists walking around blocking their view with selfie sticks.

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