Potty Train Your Kid ASAP, Says This Diaper Company - Here's Why They're Trying To Help

Potty Train Your Kid ASAP, Says This Diaper Company - Here's Why They're Trying To Help

One company wants to take advantage of speeding up the process. 

By Personal Space Staff

Potty training takes forever, and as any mom will tell you, can be highly annoying. You just want your kid in underwear, and you want them to go to the bathroom on their own.

Now, Huggies wants parents to speed up the process—Kimberly-Clark Corporation, the owner of Huggies, wants parents to toilet train their kids earlier, reports The Wall Street Journal. The company is looking into making more money by selling Pull-Ups than diapers, so they are encouraging the toilet trips. But the trend has been happening already.

Huggies' disposable training pants had already grown "by double-digits on a volume basis in 2015 and again in 2016,” which contributed to a decline in diaper sales. So, the company, noticing the trend, is taking advantage of the earlier push.

It makes sense for the company anyway, since Pull-Ups are pricier than diapers.

"There's a strategy on their part to say, 'Hey, we want children to start training earlier and we want them to stay more consistent in the training pant','' Kimberly-Clark's operations chief, said.

Money isn’t the compete bottom line, though. Huggies has even updated its website to include new potty training advice to parents, and how to not return to diapers.

”Diapers are for babies. Pull-Ups are for big kids,” says the tagline.

The company also reiterates they are not forcing moms to determine a timeline when to start, they are just helping parents smooth out the process and start a bit earlier if they want to.

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