Very Talented Weirdo Makes Elaborate Cardboard Castles for His Cat

Very Talented Weirdo Makes Elaborate Cardboard Castles for His Cat

Everybody's gotta be doing something!

By Kristyn Pomranz

Photo: PreFabCat

Listen, everyone needs a hobby. Some of us needlepoint. Some of us watch reruns of Vanderpump Rules. And some of us construct elaborate dinosaur-shaped castles for our cats.

Okay, maybe not so much “some of us” as “these two particular people,” Sam and Natalia of PreFabCat. Sam does the cardboard stuff, Natalia takes the photos. “I love making things, especially out of cardboard,” Sam says on their website. “My cat also loves cardboard and I love my cat. Here are the results.”

After their cat Dinni outgrew (and demolished) his first cat tower, Sam decided to construct this behemoth called Dinni’s Landing. “In this new tower, I tried to emulate a tree, with platforms extruding out and tall walls he can climb up, and, of course, added flags (which he hates and will tear down.”

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Next, Sam designed a cardboard cat tower with moving parts. The so-called Cat Ark has “some stepping planks that can be pulled out, ramps, sliding windows, and some storage drawers for his toys.” Also: it looks like a giant dinosaur, if you’re into that sort of thing!

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Here’s the Cat Ark in action:

Sam has completed other cardboard cat projects, including a 3D advent calendar and a series of rocking cat toys. But it’s the crazy cat houses that will keep us coming back. Here’s a sneak peek at something he has in the works (lest you thought this type of construction was “easy” or "didn't involve electric knives").

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We can’t wait to see what PreFabCat does next. May we recommend that they team up with that couple that recreates movies with their cats? Or that Japanese Chihuahua with his own wardrobe of personalized cardboard cutouts

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