Sin Is In: Private Sex Club Founder Talks Becoming A Member And What Goes On Inside

Sin Is In: Private Sex Club Founder Talks Becoming A Member And What Goes On Inside

Age, attraction, social circle, and influence all matter. 

By Marni Eth

Mixing business with pleasure is typically a no-go, but not for Daniel Saynt, founder of NSFW, the “Private Club for the Adventurous."

He is quite literally blending the two with his dual Not-Safe-For-Work elite community and counterpart agency Saynt has set the bar pretty high as far as sex clubs go, with members enjoying access to expert-led workshops, private chef-prepared dinners, exciting trips and a four-story clubhouse in Williamsburg in which to party. The only catch is… it’s extremely hard to join.

Prospective applicants go through a vigorous vetting process, with Daniel's team combing through hundreds of hopefuls to find the few who meet the qualifications to become a member. According to the website, factors that are reviewed include, “age, attraction, social circle, influence and desire to raise a little hell.”

Despite the strict parameters, it would be unfair to call the group elitist, as it seems to be the most inclusive of the exclusive communities. As an LGBTQ-friendly enterprise, they have classes geared for all sexes and orientations. They also provide plenty of sex ed, plus free condoms, lube, and other means for safer, more enjoyable intercourse.

We caught up with the man behind the brand, the self-proclaimed “Chief Conspirator,” to find out how he morphed from Influencer to SINfluencer, and to get a peek inside his secret world of sexual enlightenment.

Personal Space: What inspired you to evolve from your career in fashion to fantasy?

Daniel Saynt: I always had an interest in sex and before I went into school to study e-commerce, I wanted to be a sex therapist…[A few years ago] I went to Burning Man and got the chance to experience all their different types of sex camps and adventures. I realized that in New York, there’s really not a place where you can truly go wild. That’s kind of where NSFW came to be.

PS: What came first: the NSFW agency or the members-only sex club?

DS: First was the members club. That was something I could easily manage. It’s a much smaller operation when you’re dealing with 50-100 people. Now we are up to 575!

PS: Tell us about the NSFW “Playdates”

DS: Playdate is a play party, but there are workshops within it. We have four instructors who are “Masters of Mischief” come in and teach classes like BDSM, Sub-Dom, Fem-Dom, Japanese Rope Bondage, Electro-wand play, etc. Every Friday we provide workshops at the clubhouse. Last week we had a class called “This class sucks,” and it was an oral workshop on how to give great b***jobs.

PS: What is Electro-wand play?

DS: It’s an electronic wand you can put on the body, and there is a way of stimulating so that you can produce orgasms.

PS: Did 50 Shades of Grey normalize BDSM and fetishism to a more mainstream audience?

DS: I definitely think it had a big impact on that… Women had this little entry point into BDSM and this lifestyle and it was a huge success. Also social media in general has helped with that.

PS: What tips do you have for couples at home who want to spice things up in the bedroom?

DS: A lot of it starts with conversation and using that as foreplay. Being very open to all the kinks your partner may have… we are also big on music. The sound and atmosphere. Red lightbulbs. Playing our NSFW Sex-ed 101 playlist on Soundcloud.

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