Pugs Are the New Housewives: Meet the Grumble Taking the Hamptons by Storm

Pugs Are the New Housewives: Meet the Grumble Taking the Hamptons by Storm

There ain't no pawty like a pug pawty.

By Rebecca Macatee

They're good looking, they like to drink, and they can toot The Real Housewives of Dallas under the table. They're always dealing with some sort of drama, and people can't stop talking about their wrinkly little faces…

Put down the Botox—we're talking about pugs! Specifically, an Insta-famous, totally gorgeous grumble (that’s the proper name for a group of pugs, natch) that’s giving The Real Housewives of New York City a run for their money.

There’s Otis and Milo (who are brothers), Giles and Nigel (also brothers), and Molly Vecc (the lone lady of the bunch). These toy puppers are permanent fixtures on the NYC and Hamptons pawty scenes, and much like their #RHONYC counterparts, this posse takes pride in throwing down, dressing up, and giving back to the community.

Otis, Giles, and Molly (the OGs of the grumble) met in the summer of 2014 when their moms/assistants connected on Instagram. "We decided to plan a play date at a local park in the Hamptons, then Otis' mom generously offered to host at her home," Giles tells Unleashed. "We had a great time, became fast friends, and quickly planned another [get together] at our house. That's where the pugs all learned they loved swimming together!"

That fall, the pug pack had its first brush with fame when they were featured on Buzzfeed among the Top 22 Pugs You Should Be Following On Instagram. "Since then, we've made many pug friends and have big pug pool splashes," says Giles. "They’re the pawties of the season!"

When they're not making a splash in the Hamptons, the pugs are busy hosting marvelous meet-ups in Manhattan. The grumble has a great time wherever they go, but as Otis tells us, "NYC hotels [are] where we can really let loose."

This past December, Otis and Giles' joint birthday bash at the Andaz Wall Street was the can’t-miss canine event. Everyone from the Pugdashians to Boogie the pug came out to celebrate, and the pups even got a visit from their favorite paw reader, Madrette (we hear she's the Kim Russo of the dog world).

But unlike other cliques (we’re looking at you, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), these pugs are totally welcoming to newbies. This past summer, the crew grew by two with the addition of Otis' brother Milo and Giles' brother Nigel—and the grumble couldn't have been more thrilled.

"I loved both of them instantly," Molly tells us.

Of course, there is the occasional drama among the flat-faced friends. Otis says Milo can be "an attention hog," and Nigel's been known to put his big bro in a "pug lock" every now and then. At one point, Giles and Molly were dating—but their eventual split didn't put a strain on their friendship.

"We never had a fight and actually broke up, but I think Giles wanted to chill with all the guys at our gatherings," says Molly. "Now that we have some girls in our group, I like to chitchat with them."

"Dating is overrated anyway," she adds. “We all love each other, and that's all that matters!"

Molly doesn't really have much time for romance these days anyway—she's right on Bethenny Frankel's heels when it comes to launching her own empire. The powerhouse pug is CEO of Molly's Pawtique, an online store selling bowties and flower neckbands for dogs and cats.

Naturally, Molly models all of her creations on Instagram. Her ex, Giles, along with Nigel, Otis and Milo are four of Molly's "top models," says the entrepreneur, adding that they help "[keep] the pug community up to date with what new styles are coming out."

In addition to modeling for Molly's Pawtiques, Giles has been a Barkbox rep since he was a puppy. (He and Nigel will both work for treats.) Otis and Milo enjoy their part-time gig modeling for Molly's Pawtique, and while they'd love to do more modeling "for some extra bacon money," they admit they like sleeping in a little too much.

In any case, all the pugs seem to share a true passion for philanthropy. Otis says giving back "is a major priority for all of us," explaining, "We all feel so fortunate to have what we have, so we're adamant about sharing and giving back through our fundraising."

"The pug community is truly amazing, and the close-knit group of pugs and peeps we've met through Instagram and Twitter are all philanthropic in so many ways," says Otis. "Whether it's through donating their incredible time, effort, money or items for our raffles, everyone gives back in one way or another to help reach our goals."

The grumble loves teaming up with Pug Squad SOS to raise money for pugs in need and various pug rescues. "They know how to throw great pawties," says Otis, "and [they're] all for a good cause!"

Knowing that plenty of Bravolebrities party for a purpose, we got to wondering: Would the pug posse ever consider doing their own reality show?

Molly was quick to respond, "Umm, duh!" while Giles and Nigel have already come up a tagline for The Real Pugs of the Hamptons—"Where pugtinis flow, outdoor peeing isn't frowned upon, and no pugs mind getting their fur wet."

Calling Andy Cohen! (Or maybe we should call Wacha?)

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