How to Make Your Dog Internet Famous: 5 Tips from Pumpkin the Doxie

How to Make Your Dog Internet Famous: 5 Tips from Pumpkin the Doxie

You'll be well on your way to 100K!

By Pumpkin the Doxie of The Dog Agency

Have you met the sassiest, chunkiest, big-eyed dachshund on Instagram? Get in on our little secret: Pumpkin The Doxie (AKA Pumpy to his loyal followers).

Today, Pumpkin is going to school you folks in on how to make your dog stand out on Instagram. Try out these tips and you should see immediate growth and spikes in engagement. Swear to Pumpy!

1.. Create a unique voice and stick to it.

This is a MUST in order to differentiate yourself from the competition. There are thousands and thousands and thousands of other dogs out there on Instagram, but there is only O-N-E your dog (in our case, O-N-E sarcastic, funny, sassy, cute, squishy little Bieber-loving doxie named Pumpkin Bear).

2.. Insert yourself into conversations already happening online.

This will get you in the Discover feed and might even get you trending; essentially it helps with search, which leads to more eyeballs on your page. Random food holidays? Heck yes you should post for #NationalCheeseDay. Lady Gaga performing at the Super Bowl? Well of course you’ve gotta talk about your excitement for Mother Monster. Pissed off about The Bachelor? Rant away!

3.. Tell your dog’s story and don’t be afraid to be honest and super real.

Talk about your dog’s highs AND lows in order to engage your community and make authentic connections. Pumpkin regularly talks about his struggles with anxiety, his weight, nervous aggression, and—last but not least—his addiction to cheese. His followers share their own struggles within his community and it becomes an open dialogue for people to give and get advice.

4.. Be friendly!

Engage with followers, make friends, and participate in events, offline and online. Pumpkin (and mom) have made some of their best friends at dachshund meetups and pen pal programs—Pumpy is even a regular at SoCal Wienerfest in Los Angeles. At the very least, make sure to comment back to a few fans on each post so people know you're listening.

5.. Be brand-friendly!

@PumpkinTheDoxie is PUMPed for @QuestPumpkinPie! 🎃🎃🎃 #GetPumpkin #Repost

A photo posted by questnutrition (@questnutrition) on

You don’t have to have 100K+ followers to get noticed by brands.  Start by tagging your favorite brands, toys, etc. to get their attention. Plus, there’s always a mom and pop shop who’d love to be featured on your page, no matter how many followers—so try DM'ing them! Start small and work your way up. Pumpy used to spend hours finding smaller brands to reach out to. Also, just tag a brand and you may get reposted, like when Quest bars named their newest flavor after him AND featured his post after he simply tagged them!

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