BYE, We're Moving to the Bahamas So We Can Have a Pet Raccoon

BYE, We're Moving to the Bahamas So We Can Have a Pet Raccoon

Pumpkin the Raccoon is our very favorite nocturnal pet.

By Stacy Lenz

It's almost autumn and while some among us are dreaming of pumpkin spice lattes, we find ourselves dreaming of a different sort of Pumpkin: the raccoon variety. Pumpkin the Raccoon is an Instagram star and possibly the most notable raccoon superstar this side of Bradley Cooper in Guardians of the Galaxy. And we are here to do a deep dive on her cuteness.

Before she was an author and social media influencer (TBH, we aren’t 100% sure what that phrase means, but we think it applies?), Pumpkin was merely a clumsy baby raccoon. At one month old, she tumbled out of a tree and was promptly abandoned by the raccoon world. Laura Young waited to make sure that the raccoon’s mother wasn’t coming back and then swooped in to nurse the cub back to health. Pumpkin had suffered a broken leg from the fall and since there were no raccoon rescues in her area, Laura chose to welcome Pumpkin into her family.

Pumpkin recovered from her injury and adapted quickly to her new life, forging a deep bond with not only the family, but also their two rescue dogs, Toffee and Oreo. What began as an Instagram account to update the family on Pumpkin’s recovery soon became a sensation that led to a book deal, because everyone wants to see a raccoon that roughhouses with dogs, uses her tiny nimble fingers to get into snacks, and sits up straight like a person.

Even though Pumpkin may seem like just one of the pups, she most definitely is not. Laura makes it clear that—despite Pumpkin’s seemingly domesticated life of eating watermelon, lounging by the pool and enjoying air conditioning—she is still a wild animal. She cautions that Pumpkin is very moody and often acts like a spoiled child if she doesn’t get her way. (We know this is supposed to discourage us, but…)

Now before you start imagining your life with your very own adorable “trash panda,” please note that what made this adoption possible is the fact that it takes place in the Bahamas. In the U.S. raccoons can be scarier than cute, and since they’re common rabies carriers, it’s illegal to keep them as pets. But in the Bahamas, rabies isn't a threat, and therefore pet raccoons are perfectly legal. (Cool, like the Bahamas needed another reason to make us jealous of people that live there.)

Fuel your jealousy even further by perusing these photos of Pumpkin being adorable, Pumpkin being adorable with dogs, and also Pumpkin being adorable in front of a gorgeous beach view.

🎃"Oh hey there!" ❤️

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Throwing it back to when this little girl ate a watermelon! It's Wideo Wednesday! Enjoy! 🎃❤️🍉

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🎃"SHAAAARK!" #tbt

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🎃"Staring contest... GO!" 🎃❤️🐶👀

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