Here’s Every Breed of Puppy Learning How to Howl

Here’s Every Breed of Puppy Learning How to Howl

Just stop what you're doing and watch this.

By Kristyn Pomranz

The other day, one of our writers almost couldn't muster the strength to type out a few words about a baby beagle learning how to howl because it was quite literally too cute to watch. So then, when we sent her this video—a compliation of all breeds of puppies learning how to howl—she told us no, she would not be able to write about it, because she had to go lie down for 45 minutes without interruption.

And so, the duty has been left to us. But what is there to even say? This video opens with a baby bulldog who can muster no more than a squeak-snort, and then slowly unravels to show us a tiny pug, a miniscule corgi, a microscopic Husky, a nanoscale Samoyed, a diminuative get the picture. It's painfully cute, but the good kind of pain, like getting a bad tattoo covered up.

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