Oh Nothing, Just 20 of the Cutest Puppy Burritos On All of Instagram

Oh Nothing, Just 20 of the Cutest Puppy Burritos On All of Instagram

Just doing our jobs.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Oh, hello. We didn’t see you there. We were busy shoving our faces into a giant plate of nachos while perusing PetFinder. Why, you ask? Because there are only two reliable sources of joy in this world: Mexican food, and puppies.

That’s why it’s a beautiful thing when these interests converge in the form of puppy burritos. While not technically edible, a puppy burrito is a superfloofy wrap where the tortilla is a blanket and the fillings are a puppy—and it is usually so cute that you do kind of want to eat it right up.

Also, if you casually say the phrase “puppy burrito” aloud enough times, it has a kind of osmosis effect, and the next thing you know, your husband has suggested Mexican food for dinner and floated the idea of adopting a puppy.

In any case, here are our all-time favorite puppy burritos on the whole internet.

one pork, one chicken plz 🌯🌯

A post shared by Mala Beanz (@mala_the_chunk) on

Having a bad day? Here's an adorable puppy burrito 🙈💕💕! 📷 @popcherryau

A post shared by Vanidayaustralia (@vanidayaustralia) on

A tired little puppy burrito 🌯🐺 . . . #puppyburrito #lovisthesheltie #tiredpuppy #shetlandsheepdog

A post shared by ✨Lovis✨ (@lovisthesheltie) on

You're telling me it's July right now? Pfff. #puppyburrito #puppiesofinstagram #goldendoodlesofinstagram #goldendoodlesofig

A post shared by Winston the Goldendoodle (@this.cute.dood.winston) on

Just look at those ears! #toocute #ohmygosh #loveGidget #puppyburrito #adorable

A post shared by Lizard (@whoviancatbuggir) on

Puppy burrito 🌯 #puppyburrito #dachshundsofinstagram #minidachshund

A post shared by Briana Love (@jack_the_dach) on

Could he be any cuter 😜#puppyburrito #dogoftheday #puppylove #dogsofinsta #dogsofinstgram

A post shared by Jocelynn Bowker-Kelly (@jocey152) on

Baby it's cold outside ⛄🐶 #puppyburrito #snuggles

A post shared by Walter The Puppy 🐶 (@walterthepupper) on

Weiner in a blanket @unicornsarahem #puppyburrito #spoiledrotten #hescutesometimesiguess #sillydachshund

A post shared by Marissa Jimenez (@mjimenez89) on

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