Want to Try a Magical Raindrop Cake? Here's Where to Find the New Viral Dessert

Want to Try a Magical Raindrop Cake? Here's Where to Find the New Viral Dessert

Fresh rainwater can taste pretty refreshing... but it's not nearly as cool as this raindrop cake.

By Salma Abdelnour

You might have heard the legend of the magical disappearing cake made out of rainwater. It's not actually a legend, because the cake exists in real life.

Until now, the raindrop cake—it's reportedly made with fresh spring water from the Japanese Alps and disintegrates if it sits out for more than 30 minutes—was only available at a couple of places in Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan, or in the kitchen of your mad-scientist friend who dug up the recipe online.

This spring, an entrepreneurial New Yorker named Darren Wong has brought the cake to Brooklyn's famed Smorgasburg, a sprawling outdoor market known for launching other viral food sensations like the ramen burger. The transparent, jiggly spherical cake, a version of the already-viral Japanese dessert known as mizu shingen mochi, is made with spring water and agar agar (a gelatin). The cake on its own supposedly has zero calories; Wong serves it cold with roasted soybean powder and sugarcane syrup.

On the Today Show, the anchors compared the texture to a certain type of implant. (Spoiler alert: Don't try to stuff these raindrop cakes into your shirt.)

Chances are you've never had a cake like this before. So you might want to stake out your place in line immediately.

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