This Rescue Kitten Has a Piglet BFF to Watch Over Her During Her Seizures

This Rescue Kitten Has a Piglet BFF to Watch Over Her During Her Seizures

The videos of them snuggling are too much!

By Kristyn Pomranz

Rancho Relaxo is a non-profit in Woodstown, New Jersey founded by Caitlin Cimini that’s dedicated to helping every animal they possibly can—whether that’s bringing rescues to their farm or simply raising awareness. They’ve rescued everything from horses to goats, from pigs to hens, to kill shelter cats and dogs. To date, they’ve saved over 300 animals and they vow to never stop.

Among their rescues is a foster kitten named Sriracha who suffers from a neurological disorder called cerebella hypoplasia (CH). The condition can cause seizures and balance problems. Cimini noticed that one day, after a particularly bad bout with CH, one of the ranch’s orphan piglets—named Batman—would come over to Sriracha to snuggle and comfort her.

Tragically, Batman passed away due to congenital issues. Cimini shared the heartbreaking story of how hard they tried to save Batman, but to no avail.

Soon after, Cimini successfully rescued Batman’s piglet siblings from an auction house, and although Cimini admitted the rescue was “bittersweet” in the light of Batman’s death, she was very happy to report that his big brother (whom they named Dragonlord) took very quickly to Sriracha—“even better than Batman did,” Cimini announced on Instagram.

A lot of you have been anticipating the meeting of Sriracha and Dragonlord. It went VERY well. As most of you know, Sriracha has CH. A cat with CH often falls down and has trouble walking or cannot seem to walk at all. CH in cats is non-progressive, meaning it does not get worse with age. Cerebellar Hypoplasia occurs when the cerebellum, the part of the brain which controls fine motor skills and coordination, is not completely mature at birth. Sriracha found comfort in Batman. And Batman almost knew what he was doing for her. It was beautiful to watch. Batman's sudden passing destroyed us all. When we rescued all of his remaining siblings yesterday, it was bittersweet. Each piglet went into fostercare. It is much easier to work with feral piglets one on one. @freedomfarm_animalrescue, @thenamewasmills @justin.thomas624, @slimbp13 all took in a piglet each. @hispees and I took the only brother. At first, I felt guilty for being so sad around Dragonlord. As he warmed up to me over the last 24 hours, I realized that he is his own little person. And although he is blood related to Batman, he is completely different. A lot of you wanted Batman related names for all of his siblings and we could not emotionally deal with that. Dragonlord took to Sriracha even better than Batman did. Lovely. Dragonlord has a vet appointment on Thursday afternoon. I will keep you all posted. Note: ALL SOLID POOP SO FAR!!!! 🙏🙏🙏

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Cimini has continued to share videos of Sriracha and Dragonlord sharing kisses, and they’re so incredibly sweet, you will likely find yourself in tears. The piglet is the kitten’s comfort when she is suffering and restorative spirit when she’s not—proving love and connection know no species. 

Our rescued piglet, Dragonlord, and our special needs foster kitten, Sriracha. True love. 😭

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Sriracha & Dragonlord's love affair continues. Cozy little bugs! ❤

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Lazy Sunday with Sriracha and Dragonlord. ❤

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If you’d like to learn more about Rancho Relaxo or donate to their cause, please visit their Go Fund Me page.

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