The Real Diddy Kong Is the Tiniest Monkey with the Biggest Instagram Following

The Real Diddy Kong Is the Tiniest Monkey with the Biggest Instagram Following

And his best friend Yeti Kong ain't bad either.

By Real Diddy Kong of The Dog Agency

We have always wanted a pet monkey. About a year ago, we discovered these abnormally tiny finger monkeys that lived in a sanctuary in South Florida, so we decided to visit. We instantly fell in love and ended up adopting a sweet baby marmoset—our Diddy Kong.

We decided to make an Instagram account for him so our friends could follow his adventures. We got a few thousand followers relatively quickly because…well, who wouldn’t want to follow a super cute tiny finger monkey? And once we posted a video of him taking a bath, his account started growing rapidly! 

"Bringing it way back today with my first viral video! 💛 you all🐒!" - Diddy Kong

A video posted by Diddy Kong & Yeti Kong (@realdiddykong) on

After we posted it, the comments started going nonstop, with his followers tagging other friends. Then we started seeing major accounts reposting the video: @blackjaguarwhitetiger, @UNILAD, @theLADbible, etc.

Soon after that, we noticed tons of celebrities started following him: Snoop Dogg, Neil Patrick Harris, Madison Beer, Ashton Irwin, JoJo Siwa, Jhene Aiko, Asia Monet Ray and many more. Before we knew it, his followers started jumping by tens of thousands, and soon he reached over 1 million! (He has even been featured in the Wiz Khalifa music video for "Celebrate"—he’s become quite the hit!) A lot of that can be attributed to his videos going viral on Facebook; this one in particular has over 40 million views:

Having a famous pet monkey is very interesting. Gabriella has been stopped in the grocery store and asked “Are you the mom of Real Diddy Kong?!” Everyone absolutely loves him and we can’t go anywhere without crowds of people surrounding us to take pictures of him and asking what he eats and where he sleeps.

At home, things are a bit quieter than on the streets. We enjoy watching TV with Diddy Kong and giving him head rubs. Now that he is old enough he sleeps in the bed with us too. He will sleep all night long—and even longer than us. He can be a lazy monkey sometimes! He absolutely loves relaxing (as you can see in the videos).

"Me this morning😴 Tag friends that can never get out of bed!😂🙈🐒" - Diddy Kong

A video posted by Diddy Kong & Yeti Kong (@realdiddykong) on

We enjoyed Diddy Kong so much and thought he would love a playmate, so we brought in Yeti Kong. We decided to name her Yeti because she’s all white with black ears (she’s a hybrid marmoset). Diddy Kong and Yeti Kong absolutely love each other and do everything together:

"Being lazy today😴🙈" - Diddy Kong

A photo posted by Diddy Kong & Yeti Kong (@realdiddykong) on

We’re looking forward to using their following help raise money for charities. People have so many questions about them that we’re going to hold a bunch of contests and even potentially do a meet and greet. We partnered with Klique to offer chances to meet Diddy and Yeti and help us raise money for charity!

Don’t forget to follow Diddy Kong and Yeti Kong on Instagram (we’re going to be start doing live videos, so be on the lookout!) and Facebook.

"Tag someone that needs to see a tiny monkey eating a tiny burrito!🌯🙈" - Diddy Kong

A video posted by Diddy Kong & Yeti Kong (@realdiddykong) on

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