Introducing the Real Shelter Dogs of Georgia!

Introducing the Real Shelter Dogs of Georgia!

These pups bring more excitement than a four-part reunion!

By Stacy Lenz

Best Friends Pet Adoption Center in Atlanta is a place that lives up to its name—it’s chock full of furry future BFFs that you just haven’t met yet! Luckily, we get to introduce you to a few of them in our latest installment of The Real Shelter Dogs.

Best Friends Atlanta is an organization committed to finding forever homes for the city's homeless pet population. But it goes far beyond A-Town: It's part of a larger Best Friends network of dog rescues that includes New York, L.A. and Utah, all sharing the fitting motto “Save Them All.” Best Friends is a leader in the no-kill movement and is committed to nationwide pet rescue.

While Kandi Burruss may be focused on the Old Lady Gang, we are focused on this Cute Puppy Gang—all in need of adoption. Get to know these peachy pups, complete with opening credits-worthy taglines!


“Who's gonna play tug of war with me, boo?” - Gumball

Gumball’s middle name should be goofball! She’s a silly, happy girl who loves to play with humans, other dogs, and her rope toy. Plus she has the most adorable underbite!


“I’m so sweet, you’ll think I’m a Georgia peach—but I’m a lot furrier.” - Baton Rouge

Seven-year-old Baton Rouge is ready to be your couch companion or just chill by your side. She is content with a lap and a little puppy love.


“I want the treats and the toys, and I want them both.” - Crane

Crane is a ladies man, but you might be able to lure him away with a good treat or his favorite toy. This boy lives to play and is easily motivated with a delicious doggie bone.


“My business is belly rubs, and I'm the boss." - Tanner

Smart and goofy Tanny loves his belly rubs! If his silly personality doesn’t win you over, his award-winning smile will!


“I’m the ultimate Southern belle and the life of the party!” - April

April is a happy-go-lucky girl that is considered the official "greeter" of the adoption center. She loves everyone and can always light up a room with her sparkling personality!


“Some may say I give too many cuddles, but I’m just getting started.” - Larry

Once Larry knows you, he will snuggle, cuddle, and crawl right into your lap. (Don’t tell him he’s not a lap dog!) Not to mention, he walks perfectly on a leash and is house trained!


If you want to make one of these Best Friends your best friend, please visit Best Friends Atlanta Pet Adoption Center for adoption information!

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