Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of Philadelphia!

Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of Philadelphia!

The City of Brotherly Love? More like City of Pupperly Love!

By Stacy Lenz

Move over Rocky, Philly has some new stars on the scene. This installment of Real Shelter Dogs comes from Philadelphia, home of cheesesteaks, the Liberty Bell, and some very cute puppers.

The dog friends you are about to meet are all from PAWS, the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society. PAWS operates three no-kill shelters, runs an extensive foster network, and operates two low-cost clinics that give access to affordable veterinary care—meaning they help thousands of pet owners and their doggie soul mates each year. (Including myself and this guy!) Maybe you and one of these lucky pooches will be next.

Without further ado, meet your Real Shelter Dogs of Philadelphia, complete with opening credits-worthy taglines! (If you are interested in adopting any of the featured dogs, please visit, or email


“Sometimes Buns needs a belly rub. What can I say?” - Buns

Once you're friends with Buns, you're friends for life! This housebroken 2.5-year-old boy is a little shy at first, but once you're buddies he'd love nothing more than to roll over for a belly rub and bask in the sunshine with you.


“I may not be the youngest pup in the shelter…but I'm pretty!” - Lydia

Lydia is the peppiest senior lady you'll meet! This 10-year-old staff favorite is guaranteed to make you smile with her silly antics and enthusiasm for snuggling.


“Life isn't all parties and squeak toys, but it should be!” - Kodiak

Kodiak is the life of the party! This 3-year-old goofball loves to play, is eager to learn, and wants to be friends with everyone he meets—especially if you've got a toy to toss around!


“Life is about choices—and we chose each other!” – Kelso and Marty

Kelso and Marty want to double the love in your life! At 11 and 7 years old, these bonded boys have been best friends for years: they love people as much as they love each other, and they're not about to part ways now!


“I'm not a trophy pooch. I'm a lifetime achievement award.” - Marvin

Marvin is a sweet and easygoing older gentleman who wants to spend his golden years with you! This-8 year-old is low maintenance and totally lovable.


“I'm great in a group, but now it's my turn to shine, shine, shine!” - Sunny

Sunny is a bouncy and social 6-year-old who gets along well with other dogs. He's got lots of energy and would love to channel his smarts into some new tricks!


Please visit Philly PAWS to find out more about the organization, upcoming events, and find adoption information on these sweet dogs and a whole bunch of other cuties—including cats!

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