Shockingly Realistic Animal Tattoos, Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

Shockingly Realistic Animal Tattoos, Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

Incredibly life-like animal tattoo or high-definition photo of a real-life animal? The world may never know!

By Matt Russoniello

Pop quiz! We’re going to show you a photo, and you tell us if that photo is of an actual animal or of a very, very well-done and true-to-life tattoo. Ready?

No, no. We can’t do it! We can't put you through this tomfoolery! SPOILER ALERT! All of the following photos are tattoos. Every last one of them. There are no photos depicting real-life animals. The only quiz you we will ask you to take today (besides the Pick a Puppy to Reveal Your Favorite La Croix Flavor quiz) is the quiz of Are You Astonished?, and SPOILER ALERT, you are, and so you’ve just passed with flying colors.

As you scroll through the mindblowingly realistic tats below, you will be tempted to think we have just lied to you, that some of these photos depict real-life animals and not tattoos. Do not give into temptation. They are all tattoos!

Impressed? You should be. These tattoos are true works of art. Some of them clearly honor beloved family pets, while others feature familiar beasts of the wild. The one thing they all have in common though? They are tattoos and not photos of actual animals. If this doesn’t make you want to bolt out the door, run to the nearest tattoo parlor, and have a photorealistic kitten or sloth permanently inked upon your body, we don't know what will. But if you are still uncertain, check out Part One in our series of incredibly realistic animal tattoos. (Again, it is worth reiterating: All photos at that link are not real animals! It’s hard to believe, but it’s the truth!)

#ralph #frenchbulldog for Sara! Grazie♥️♥️ done with @adam_ciferri ghost liner ♥️

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Perro curado / Healed Dog (foto de otro móvil)

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