Reasons You Should Be Thankful for Your Ex's Existence

Reasons You Should Be Thankful for Your Ex's Existence

'Tis the season to be grateful for lessons learned.

By Jen Glantz

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year to dig deep and give gratitude toward all of the things you are incredibly thankful for. But while you're rounding up your list of important things, like your health, your happiness, perhaps even your job, you may want to think outside of the box and show thanks toward people no longer in your life, like an ex.

Here are four reasons to be extra thankful for your ex this year.

1. You Got Good Practice

One of the thing to remember about any relationship you get yourself in, whether good or bad, is that it is practice. Being in a relationship isn’t always the most natural thing. You find yourself compromising, communicating, and catering to someone else’s needs quite often. Be thankful for the ex’s of your past that have you given you practice on how to be the best possible spouse for someone in the future.

2. You Made Memories

Just because you're no longer with a person you once loved with your entire heart, doesn't mean you still can't be thankful for the memories you made with them. That exotic trip, the new hobby you learned how to do, or even that afternoon spent day drinking around your neighborhood, can all be written off as experiences that were good when they were good.

3. You Learned What You Don't Like

Take inventory of all the things your ex did that majorly pissed you off. Maybe it was how they never said I Love You when they hung up the phone or had very large opinion on how you should dress or do your hair. When you let go of a relationship, you often find characteristics and traits about your partner that you never want to put up with again.

4. You Have the Power to Move On

Perhaps you're still somewhat hung up on the person you used to spend a lot of quality time with and who you gave a piece of your heart to, but chances are your relationship was broken, for reasons beyond your control, and now you can move on. One day, in the future, you might wake up and realize just how thankful you are that that person exited your life so that they didn't waste more of your time. You might even find yourself thankful for when they exited your life, since it may have allowed you to be at the right place, at the right time, meeting someone else you wildly adore.

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