Remember Those Freaky Black Hamburger Buns? Let's Hope These Gorgeous Blue Ones Won't Mess Up Your Insides as Much

Remember Those Freaky Black Hamburger Buns? Let's Hope These Gorgeous Blue Ones Won't Mess Up Your Insides as Much

Now those are some good-looking buns.

By Drew DiSabatino

We've seen burger buns in creative hues before: Who could forget the black bun that had everyone talking?

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Recall that Burger King rolled out these pitch black buns in October of 2015, and it seemed kinda cool at first — but then the not-so-cool part was learning what they did to everyone's insides after they ate them. Spoiler: it was... unpleasant.
But feign ignorance of that event, and join us instead in just getting excited for what looks to be a considerably prettier execution of the colorful-burger-bun concept: this deep blue beauty.

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The creation comes from Colette, a French high-fashion boutique that announced in June it would be closing its doors forever at the end of 2017. Now, in anticipation of that closing, they've unveiled this azure offering, the product of a partnership with Blend Hamburger that's suitably named "The Farewell Burger."

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Foodbeast explains that the burger, which is available until December 20, comes in two varieties: one with 18-month-aged Somerset cheddar, ketchup, honey mustard, and iceberg lettuce, and one with caramelized-onion compote and blue cheese, Emmentaler, garlic mayo, and spinach.

(Sign us up for three of each, please and thanks.) The official color of the bun is Pantone 293 c because of course its Pantone color his being publicized — this is a haute fashion house after all.

Alas, so far we can't confirm or deny if eating these buns results in the same kind of intestinal problems that the aforementioned Burger King buns created.

But after reading that ingredient list, we're not even sure if we care. So chic and kiiiiinda worth it.

Photo: Colette

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