Rescue Pit Bull Is Obsessed with Ducky Raincoat That Makes Him Feel Safe

Rescue Pit Bull Is Obsessed with Ducky Raincoat That Makes Him Feel Safe

It also makes him look INSANELY CUTE.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Odie the pit bull was only a few months old when he was thankfully adopted by a generous and loving soul in Seattle. The pupper was generally in good health but had an unnamed dermatological condition, so his new mom — Stephanie Lennon — decided to protect his skin with a hoodie. Odie immediately took to the outerwear; it seemed to make him feel safe.

Overall, Odie was very happy with his new life in the Pacific northwest … until the rainy season struck. “I got him in the summer so as soon as we hit the rainy fall, it became clear he was not a fan,” Lennon told The Dodo. “He will take a few steps out the door and come running back in if it’s really coming down.”

That’s when it hit her — Odie was so attached to his hoodie, why not get him a raincoat for wet walkies? Lennon’s mom found an absolutely adorable yellow ducky dog poncho (available on Amazon for $12) and sent it to her grand-dog. “It was just too cute to pass up!” Lennon adds.

Thankfully, the raincoat did the trick, and Odie became much more tolerant and accepting of the rain. He is able to go outside in Seattle’s notoriously dreary weather, and Lennon says he seems to appreciate that the raincoat is helping to keep him dry. Bonus: He feels safer than ever — and looks cuter than ever!

So cute, in fact, that an Instagram post of Odie in his raincoat went viral on Reddit. “I hate the rain but I love my ducky raincoat,” he says on his Instagram, @odiethepibble. “This photo got me my first taste of fame on Reddit and I haven’t looked back since. #Famous #Reddit #pitbullsofinstagram”

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