Is the RHOBH Reunion Bunny the Most Dramatic Bunny of All Time? We Investigate!

Is the RHOBH Reunion Bunny the Most Dramatic Bunny of All Time? We Investigate!

Move over #Pantygate! We’ve got #Bunnygate!

By Stacy Lenz

Who would have thought that a sweet, adorable stuffed rabbit could cause so much drama? If you’re not yelling at your screen, “ME! I CALLED THAT!” then you haven’t been paying attention.

Here’s what happened: We had comfortably settled into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 2. Things were getting pretty tense between Kim Richards and Eden Sassoon, when suddenly Kim’s focus turned to something slightly less life-like: A stuffed bunny.

After a hug at the end of the season and some promising reunion pleasantries, we thought Kim and Lisa “Lies, Cries, and Denies” Rinna had finally smoothed things over and moved on from the “close to death” rumor. Until (dun, dun, DUN!) Kim pulled out the rabbit that Rinna had gifted her grandson from behind the couch like a drama-conjuring magician.

Kim marched the cellophane-wrapped-bunny-to-end-all-cellophane-wrapped-bunnies over to Rinna. Its crime? BAD ENERGY. Rinna shed one lone tear and pulled out a classic reunion move—the walk off—taking the re-gifted rabbit with her. Rinna then cast the bunny aside, and there it lay, crinkling in its wrapper, unattended off-stage (save the cameraman’s zoom-in for maximum drama).

Andy Cohen called it a calculated move, but could a bunny truly be so plotting? More so than, say, THIS RABBIT PLAYING JENGA?

We’ll be waiting with bated breath (and chomping on our fingers like Kyle Richards) for Tuesday’s conclusion of #Bunnygate. But until then, here are some bunnies serving more drama than Lisa Rinna “owning it.”

This is my gwumpy face!

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