This New Invention Makes Amazing Homemade Pizzas in 90 Seconds

This New Invention Makes Amazing Homemade Pizzas in 90 Seconds

You'll never need to use the words "pizza delivery" again.

By Tamara Palmer

There's a reason why you head to a pizzeria if you're craving a pie that will totally hit the spot. Sure, you can make pizza in your home oven—but it never turns out all that great, does it? That's because your oven needs to hit ultra-high temps (well beyond 500°) to make a pro-style pizza worthy of the name. You can try throwing the pizza on the outdoor grill, but...that grill is going to start feeling pretty inadequate once you get your hands on a new invention called the Roccbox.

This lightweight, stainless-steel, stone-floored pizza oven cranks the heat up to 930°F in 15 minutes. Chances are your home oven can't even come close. With a Roccbox, you can cook a homemade Neapolitan-style pizza in a mere 90 seconds flat, and you have your choice of wood-fired baking or gas. 

Founder Tom Gozney suggests using the oven for more than just pizza; the dry heat can turn out wood-charred steaks and fish as well as rustic breads.

His England-based company has raised more than $700,000 so far via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to put the Roccbox into production. While the monetary goal has been met more than seven times over, there's still incentive to donate during the next three weeks of the campaign: That way you can secure your own Roccbox for $489, or 13% off of the expected retail cost. 

Then again, taking your homemade pizza skills up a few notches = priceless, right?

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