Meet Rocco, The English Sheepdog Whose Butt is Being Compared to Kim Kardashian’s

Meet Rocco, The English Sheepdog Whose Butt is Being Compared to Kim Kardashian’s

His life motto? "I'm not fat, I'm fluffy."

By Rocco Roni of The Dog Agency

Rocco is a two-year-old Old English Sheepdog living the city life in Chicago, Illinois. His favorite things in the world are (in no particular order): drinking all of the water and then putting his wet beard in your lap, sitting in the snow while eating it, swimming, annoying his brother (Whiskey), playing tug-of-war, sitting on top of his dog friends, and pretending he's Beyoncé. Every morning, his mom puts his hair in a man bun so he can see—good thing they're in style!

Rocco is getting famous on social media for his extremely fluffy butt and he even has his own business cards for when strangers stop him on the street. He passed his Canine Good Citizen test and will hopefully one day be a therapy dog who will visit nursing homes and children's hospitals. This past summer, he was on the cover of Modern Dog magazine, and a video of his butt trying to climb into a chair racked up over 20.8 Million views! He’s now a bonafide social media sensation on Instagram (@Rocco_roni) and Facebook (Rocco and Whiskey).

After his butt fluff went viral, people started comparing his butt to Kim Kardashian’s butt. Witness the evidence:

You guys! There's a huge storm coming! I'm ready, are you? 🐼⛈

A post shared by Rocco (@rocco_roni) on

When Rocco walks down the street everyone turns and stares at his butt

Who needs pants when you have a big butt?

Rocco and Kim both have assistants to help lift their butts into cars.

Rocco mostly uses Snapchat (Rocco_roni) to track his butt speed.

"Whatcha thinkin' 'bout...?"

Just like Kim, Rocco isn’t afraid to go blonde and he makes sure to accentuate his butt fluff with every outfit.

They both do naked yoga.

And, of course, Rocco's butt can also balance a bottle of champagne.

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