You Can Now Drink Rosé Out of a 40-Ounce Bottle, Because That's How You Roll

You Can Now Drink Rosé Out of a 40-Ounce Bottle, Because That's How You Roll

Keep it real this summer.

By Drew DiSabatino

The weather is getting warmer. Birds are singing (usually right outside your window at, like, 6 a.m.) Baseball is back. All of this can only mean one thing:

Rosé season.

OK, maybe we’re jumping the gun a little bit considering the actual start of rosé season isn’t officially until late May and beyond, but can you blame us? We love rosé. And frankly, everybody else does too. Between rosé magnums, the rise of “brosé”, and even rosé Jell-O shots, it’s clear that America and the rest of the world have blush fever. And the only cure is more rosé.

Enter Forty Ounce Wines. As the name would suggest, Forty Ounce Wines is a company that produces and bottles wines in, you guessed it, 40-ounce bottles. Though forties are normally reserved for malt liquor or the odd cheap beer, Forty Ounce Wines sees no reason why rosé shouldn’t also be enjoyed in large quantities with a screw cap lid. And we’re inclined to agree.

Now for those wondering, here’s how the math works out: a standard 750 ml bottle of wine holds around 25.36 ounces of liquid, which yields five glasses of wine at 5 ounces each (per the NIAAA definition of a standard drink.) This, of course, means that 40 ounces of rosé would net you an additional three glasses of wine per bottle which, at a price point of $15 to $20, makes it a real buy-in-bulk-and-save situation.

You’ll have to act fast if you want your own rosé forty to kick off the season, however: Delish reports that due to a difficult growing season in the Loire Valley, where the rosé is produced by French winemaker Julien Braud, the company was only able to create 1,200 cases, which can be found on shelves in New York and several other states, while supplies last.

If you aren’t lucky enough to snag your own pink bomber before they're all gone, don’t feel too down: you could always turn to a rosé delivery subscription service to keep the good times flowing.

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