Rumor Has It: German Shepherd Named After Adele Song Wins Best in Show

Rumor Has It: German Shepherd Named After Adele Song Wins Best in Show

It was the canine equivalent of killing that George Michael tribute.

By Rebecca Macatee

"Rumor Has It" that Adele doesn't just win Grammys—she brings good luck at dog shows, too!

A German Shepherd named after the singer's 2011 song took Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show Tuesday night, beating out an Irish Setter, a boxer, a miniature poodle, a Pekingese, a Norwich terrier and a Norwegian Elkhound to win the prestigious prize.

"She likes to be out there," Rumor's handler, breeder and co-owner Kent Boyles told Unleashed. "She likes to run around the ring and the showing part of it."

The five-year-old pup is only the second German shepherd in history to win Westminster, the last being a dog named Manhattan in 1987. Fittingly enough, Rumor "loves New York," said Boyles. The Edgerton, Wisconsin native was all about taking in the sights and sounds of the big city—"and chasing the birds, too," said Boyles with a laugh.

Rumor's pre-show prep didn't look quite as intense as some of her canine competitors'. "We try to give her a little exercise beforehand and after," said Boyles. "And we play with her…you've got to do some things to keep them enthusiastic and enjoying it, you know?"

The stunning shepherd was all smiles backstage as Boyles ran a brush through her thick coat. Just around the corner, Adrian the Irish shepherd was on the receiving end of kisses himself as he received a Gisele Bündchen-worthy blowout.

"He gives 1000 percent, every time," Adrian's handler, Adam Bernardin, told Unleashed. "He's just got a great attitude in life. He's such a cool dog."

After winning runner-up at Westminster, Adrian was heading back to Chaplin, Connecticut, to do "the same thing he always does," said Bernardin. "He chases all the Irish setter girls at home. He loves them—he follows them around like a little puppy dog. They barely tolerate him, but he loves them regardless."

Even the top dogs have their drama.

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