Ryan Seacrest Rode The Subway And Like True New Yorkers, Literally No One Cared

Ryan Seacrest Rode The Subway And Like True New Yorkers, Literally No One Cared

He filmed himself because no one else was filming him. 

By Marianne Garvey

Ah, nothing like good 'ol mass transit to humble us all.

Ryan Seacrest took to the always dysfunctioning, sweaty, stinky New York subway to get to one of his 167 jobs instead of using a car service with air conditioning and Wi-Fi like any normal person with a nearly $400 million bank account would. Why he would subject himself to the commute of a regular nine-to-five office worker is completely beyond comprehension. 

But you can tell he doesn't take the subway much - his smile, his upbeat attitude, and his sing along with one of the guys who comes in to disrupt everyone's misery with some ear piercing Doo-wop are a dead giveaway that this little "adventure" was out of the ordinary. If he does choose to commute this way every day, then he's either very sick or very cheap.

Anyway, as he sits in one of the seats formerly occupied by something or someone that was really disgusting (we can only assume), he sings the wrong lyrics and smiles for himself as he films and no one - literally no one- cares. New York, don't ever change. 

"Sometimes the best shows in NY are on the subway," he captions the video. No Ryan, the "shows" on the subway are annoying, and if you look around the rest of the commuters are completely irritated. Especially that guy leaning against the door. So. Annoyed. The guy across from you, next to you, and the hand on the pole don't care either. 

Sometimes the best shows in NY are on the subway

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It's not clear if Ryan tipped the singer, calling him "not bad," but not promising to make him a star or anything. 

"Hang on, I gotta get cash..." he says. But we never see him tip. 

Other celebs who have been spotted on the subway and acting like normal New Yorkers who ignore everyone and everything are Sarah Jessica Parker, Olivia Wilde, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Zoe Kravitz. 

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