Sam Talbot Is So "Addicted" to This Candy, He Wants to Start an Anonymous Support Group

Sam Talbot Is So "Addicted" to This Candy, He Wants to Start an Anonymous Support Group

The #TopChef alum would eat it in any form.

By Maggie Shi

When it comes to guilty food pleasures, professional chefs often surprise you. They don't tend to go for the foie gras or the white truffles—instead, they stick to the basics. Things like rice and soy sauce. Fast food and processed snacks.

But it's a little surprising that Top Chef alum Sam Talbot has such an addiction to gummy candies. "Gummies. That's a weakness," he revealed in an interview with The Feast. "I should start, not like an AA, but a GA—Gummies Anonymous—or something? Like, 'Hi, I'm Sam Talbot, I'm not only a member but I'm a founder of Gummy Anonymous.' I have an addiction to gummies. It''s awful."

Sam—a Type 1 diabetic—is known for his clean eating and healthy cooking methods. In fact, he recently released a second cookbook, called 100% Real, which is filled with "really delicious, clean recipes," he described. And he also opened a restaurant in Brooklyn in early 2017, Pretty Southern, which serves healthier versions of traditional Southern dishes, like fried chicken and grits.

But it seems the call of the gummies is too strong for the Top Chef favorite to resist. He'll eat them in any form—snakes, bears, octopus, lips. "I don't care. As long as it's a gummy," he declared.

And while he doesn't hide his love for gummies or Doritos, another guilty pleasure, there is one thing you might not catch him eating: a fried chicken sandwich from his own restaurant. It's what he indulges in when no one's around to watch. "So the fried chicken thigh, on the biscuit with the pickles and the ranch…you need a knife and a fork. That's kind of my go-to when no one's looking, just because it gets messy," he explained. "And it's not the best date food because you're covered in biscuits and ranch and everything."

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Sam can dish out delish Southern food and dating advice? He may not have won Top Chef, but he's definitely a winner in our book.

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