This Device Helps You Not Lose Your Dog ... and Turns on Your TV?!

This Device Helps You Not Lose Your Dog ... and Turns on Your TV?!

This we want to see to believe.

By Heather Dale

Imagine this: You head out to walk your dog and when you return home, your lights and television automatically turn on for you. Sound impossible? Think again. Samsung has upped the ante with their latest gadget, the Connect Tag, which is mainly a doggy GPS tracker ... but adds in other unique features.

This pocket-sized device is about the size an old school clip-on iPod shuffle and is said to last a whole week on a single charge thanks to being the first of its kind to use narrowband, low powered technology. Given the fact that our fur friends tend to be avid adventurers at heart, some GPS tracking certainly wouldn’t go amiss, especially when the device just so happens to be waterproof too — 'cause we all know drool and puddles don’t discriminate! 

The tracker will also allow you to set up a geofence around your house and control all of your smart home appliances before you step foot in your front door. And that includes being able to turn on lights and your television. (But, can it take the dog for a walk, too?! Survey's still out.)

Is your current relationship status minus a furry companion? Not a problem. The tracker extraordinaire can be clipped on purses, keys, kids (?), or any other item that tends to get misplaced. Oh, the places it can go!

As of right now, Samsung (unfortunately) hasn’t announced any pricing details or set a US release date, but fingers crossed it's ready for our holiday wish lists.

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