5 Totally Unexpected Cocktails That Give New Meaning to the Words "Liquid Lunch"

5 Totally Unexpected Cocktails That Give New Meaning to the Words "Liquid Lunch"

Some fries with that Old Fashioned?

By Marcy de Luna

How much do you love your foie gras? And your fresh seasonal vegetables straight from the farmer's market? Do you love them enough to mix them into your cocktail? Because now, you can order a drink that comes complete with your favorite meats and veggies—stirred right into the cocktail. From bone marrow to snap peas, here are five of the most daring ingredients you don't normally see in your glass. You might even consider renaming these cocktails "lunch."

Bone Marrow

Drink: S&S Flip

Where: Swift & Sons, Chicago

What: Rum, dry curacao, egg, lemon, bone marrow orgeat.

How: “This drink was inspired by a guest who requested orange slices to squeeze over her bone marrow,“ explains lead bartender Pablo Mata. “Flips are a category of drinks made with a whole egg. This one has a steakhouse twist, incorporating bone marrow into orgeat as the sweetener.” Photo by Kailley Lindman.

Foie Gras

Drink: Foie Gras Flip

Where: Betony, New York City

What: Dark rum infused with rendered foie gras fat, dry sherry, simple syrup, raw egg, grated nutmeg.

How: “On a trip to San Sebastian, in Spain’s Basque country, I was amazed by how much foie gras, sherry, and eggs the local population cooked and consumed. Their sweets are just as delicious as their savory dishes, and this cocktail commemorates all of the above,” says general manager Eamon Rockey. Photo by Signe Birck.

Greek Yogurt

Drink: Culture Shock

Where: The Gin Joint, Charleston

What: Barrel-aged gin, lemon, sweet liqueur flavored with caraway and cumin seeds, orxata, ginger liqueur, mint, Ras El Hanout (Moroccan spice blend), Greek yogurt.

How: Beverage director James Bolt takes a culinary approach to his cocktails, and this drink—inspired by Indian curry—combines spices with a cooling jolt of Greek yogurt. Photo courtesy of The Gin Joint.


Drink: Wagyu Cocktail

Where: Sushisamba, New York City

What: Akashi-washed Wagyu whiskey, maple syrup, salted caramel liqueur

How: A this Japanese-Peruvian-Brazilian restaurant, the unusual riff on an Old Fashioned is made with Japanese whisky that’s been treated to a wash of the highest-grade Wagyu beef before getting stirred with maple and salted caramel. Photo courtesy of Sushisamba

Snap Peas

Drink: Green Giant

Where: Clover Club, New York City

What: Gin, tarragon, lemon juice, dry vermouth, snap peas (muddled).

How: You'll have no problem finishing your peas at this beloved Brooklyn spot, where bartender Tom Macy puts a unique twist on the gin sour by adding muddled snap peas. Photo courtesy of tomato808/Instagram. 

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