Add This Freaky Episode to the List of the Most Nightmarish Things to Ever Happen on a Plane

Add This Freaky Episode to the List of the Most Nightmarish Things to Ever Happen on a Plane


By Alesandra Dubin

United Airlines can’t seem to catch a break. In the latest instance involving the airline — among such high-profile stories as Leggings-Gate and Forceful Re-Accommodation-Gate — a passenger experienced an episode straight out of a nightmare.

Calgary couple Richard and Linda Bell were on United Airlines flight 1418 on their way home from Houston when — wait for it — a scorpion fell from an overhead bin onto Richard’s head. According to Global News Canada, the eight-legged arachnid was about an inch and a half long, with a honey-colored body.

A fellow passenger identified the creature, and pointed out that it was dangerous. The man dropped it, according to the report, but then tried to pick it up again (why?) — and that’s when it stung him. He described the feeling as something akin to a wasp bite.

Evidently the scorpion had made its way on the plane by stowing away in a passenger’s luggage. But it didn’t last long following the incident: Another passenger stomped it dead before throwing it into the toilet.

Oddly, the man who was stung wasn’t especially excited to see the creature’s demise and disposal. According to Global News, he said that was the “worst thing to do because when we landed everyone wanted to see it.”

EMS boarded the flight on landing to check out Richard’s injuries — which appeared innocuous, and he declined medical attention.

So there’s your uber-gross airplane story for the day. Put it on the list right between actual snakes on MF planes, and no working toilets for 324 passengers on a 16-hour nonstop flight.

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