Ever Had The Walking Dead Cocktail? See What Happens When Seth Meyers Gets Day-Drunk With Retta

Ever Had The Walking Dead Cocktail? See What Happens When Seth Meyers Gets Day-Drunk With Retta

If it doesn't kill you, it will definitely make you stronger.

By Drew DiSabatino

This week’s edition of “Things We Really Wish We Could Be A Part Of Even If It Was Only For Like 15 Or, Hell, Even 5 Minutes” features Late Night host Seth Meyers day-drinking with the always wonderful Retta.

While it’s a scientific fact that day-drinking is the best way to drink of all time (coming in just ahead of “on a boat”) the addition of two of our favorite celebs only makes it look all the more envy-enducing.

So what did the duo get into exactly? While the day started out tame enough, (read: tequila shots and Champagne) Retta and Seth quickly moved onto the harder stuff. And by harder stuff we mean drinking disgusting fictional cocktails that they invent for each other based on TV shows.

To kick things off, Seth asks for Retta to make him a “Walking Dead,” which Retta assures him will turn him into a corpse/zombie. If you’d like to make your own version at home (fair warning it really might kill you), here’s the disgusting recipe:

Retta’s Walking Dead Cocktail

- Rum

- Bourbon

- Tequila

- White Wine

- Red Wine

Quantities of each: As much as you want. Sound positively horrifying? You’re correct! Seth can’t maintain his composure after tasting it, saying simply: “This should not be a drink.”

After making a few more television-themed cocktails for each other, the duo tries their hand at rating Seth’s bar pickup lines (bonus points for “Wasssssup” and negative points for “My wife is dead”) before attempting to solve the world’s problems over a drunken game of air hockey. (We’ve all been there.)

Their day finishes the exact same way that most day-drinking adventures do: slow dancing to "Ebony & Ivory" in the middle of an empty bar.


Want to relive the day? So do we:

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