Want Lustrously Shiny Hair? Pour Red Wine on Your Head

Want Lustrously Shiny Hair? Pour Red Wine on Your Head

Drink. Rinse. Repeat.

By The Feast Staff

Need even more proof that red wine is the nectar of the gods? The stuff doesn't just make everything from prime rib to aged gouda so much more delicious, thanks to the life-changing magic of food-pairing; its benefits include helping prevent cancer, dementia, high cholesterol, heart attacks, diabetes and even aging. Compounds in wine supposedly do wonders for our skin too, as spas like Caudalie's Vinotherapie have made bank on for ages. In short: Red wine rocks. We love it so much, sometimes we wish we could just bathe in it. 

Oh wait, we can? Yes, because wine, it turns out, also creates the most lustrously shiny locks. A new product line called Vine de la Vie, owned by hairstylist John Blaine (whose celeb clients include Dita Von Teese) is basing its existence on the hair-transforming properties of everyone's favorite steak mate.


The shampoo is made with polyphenols, the wine byproducts that studies show have numerous health benefits—the byproducts that, according to Marie-Claire, are also responsible for "healing damage, boosting strength, detoxifying, and neutralizing the oxidation process" in hair. As the publication adds, "Translation: [The shampoo] is going to give you the softest, strongest, and least-brassy hair ever." Chances are you don't have the equipment necessary to do the byproduct extraction in your basement, but luckily the shampoo is available for the low low price of $35.

Or...you can just dump a bottle of wine on your head, which as a bonus will make you smell like a fruit-forward Cabernet. Opinions vary as to whether pouring wine on your head works or not; Marie-Claire says no. Others say yes: Red wine added straight to your hair after a regular shampoo and conditioner will make your hair shinier and less dull, they claim. They also claim you can get that hair benefit by applying red wine to another part of your head: That would be your mouth. 

As for whether shampooing your hair with a red-wine-infused product will help you avoid diseases, live longer, get laid and win the lottery, stay tuned for that study. Something tells us it's coming soon.

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